RAHTER, Charles
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RAHTER, CHARLES A., M. D., Harrisburg, Pa., born August 8, 1839, near Minden, on the Weser, Westphalia, Prussia, is the son of Christian and Charlotte (Wehmeir) Rahter. His father, Christian Rahter, the son of a farmer, was born in Prussia, in the year 1805, and having an elder brother who inherited the paternal <esta e>, he, Christian, learned the trade of coach-making, immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1842, and settled at Conestoga Centre, and <emoved> to Littlestown, Adams county, in the spring of 1847. Here Charles A. attended the public schools; in 1858 he entered the classical institute at Hanover, Pa., and afterwards took a partial course at the Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg. In 1859 he <taughtschool> at Littlestown, Pa., during one session, and then attended the Littlestown Classical Institute for one year. During the winter of 1860-61 he was engaged as principal of Carroll Academy, Union Mills, Md.

In the meantime his father had removed to Woodsborough, Md., and Dr. Rahter commenced the study of medicine there in 1862, under the direction of Dr. C. W. Benson; matriculated at the medical department of the University of Maryland, 1863, and the following year attended lectures at the Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y., where he was graduated in 1864. Soon after graduating, Dr. Rahter entered the Union service as acting assistant surgeon, and for a time was stationed at Fairfax Seminary, United States General Hospital, near Alexandria, Va. Early in 1865 he was transferred to Campbell United States Army General Hospital, Washington, D. C., where he remained until June 1 of the same year, when he resigned and went to Harrisburg, Pa., and opened an office July 1, 1865. In August, 1865, Dr. Rahter was appointed examining surgeon for pensions at Harrisburg, and continued to discharge the duties of this office until August 20, 1870, when he resigned to accept an appointment as acting surgeon in the German army. Dr. Rahter sailed for Liverpool on the steamship City of Washington, Inman line, from New York, in the latter part of August, 1870, with orders to report to the German consul at Antwerp. Upon arriving at that place he was ordered to report to Surgeon General Scholler, Eighth army corps, at Coblentz on the Rhine, and was there assigned to duty as assistant surgeon in the Garrison Hospital of that city. After serving for a period of four weeks, Dr. Rahter was promoted to be staff surgeon, and was ordered to St. Johann, Saarbincken, and placed in charge of the Barracken Lazarett of that city. In January, 1871, he was promoted to be surgeon-in-chief to the Garrison Lazaretto in addition to the Barracken Lazarett, continuing to serve in this capacity until July 15, 1871, when he resigned from the service. After leaving the German army Dr. Rahter made a tour of Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, England and Belgium, returning to Harrisburg, Pa., in 1872, and resumed the practice of medicine. He was one of the founders, in January, 1866, of the Dauphin County (Pa.) Medical Society, president in 1876; is a member of the American Medical Association; of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania since 1868; of the Philadelphia Pathological Society; of the Harrisburg Pathological Society: charter member of the Harrisburg Academy of Medicine; was president of the Harrisburg Board of Pension Examiners 1885-89; a member of the Harrisburg school board for three years, and a member of Perseverance Lodge, No. 21, F & A. M. The Doctor married, November 11, 1875, Miss Mary R. Keffer, of Harrisburg, an accomplished vocalist. They have one child living, John Howard Rahter.


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