COBLE, Amos G.
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COBLE, AMOS G., Bellair, Lancaster county, Pa., was born in Dauphin county, Pa., June 19, 1870, and is the son of John H. and Elizabeth (Gingerich) Coble.

Christian Coble, his grandfather, was a farmer. He married twice; his first wife was a Miss Hoffer; his second, Miss Nancy, is still living. Isaac Coble is the only surviving son of Christian Coble; his other children, Christian, Barbara, John H., Samuel, and Jacob, all being deceased. Both the parents of Amos G. Coble were natives of Dauphin county, and his mother Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry Gengerich. Besides their son they had one daughter, Barbara. Mr. John H. Coble was always a man of note in the community; first as a teacher, in his early manhood; after he had relinquished this profession for the business of farming his fellow-citizens showed their appreciation of his intelligence and good judgment by electing him to various township offices. He was a school director for some years and also assessor on the Republican ticket, as he adhered to that party. He was still farming when his useful life closed in its prime; he died March 9, 1885, at the comparatively early age of forty-nine. His religious profession was Mennonite. His wife survives him; she is about sixty-one years of age, and enjoys the care of her son on the homestead where most of her life has been passed.

Amos G. Coble received a good education, attending first the common schools of Dauphin and afterwards those of Lebanon county until he was nineteen years of age. After leaving school he took charge of the home farm and cultivated it for his mother, but since 1893, the year of his marriage, he has carried on the business on his own account. On January 17 of that year Amos G. Coble was married to Kate H., daughter of Martin M. and Maria (Horst) Risser. Mr. and Mrs. Coble have one son, Ira, born September 23, 1895. Mr. Coble's political opinions are Republican.

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