CRYDER, Moses G.
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CRYDER, MOSES G., was born in Lebanon county, Pa., January 16, 1828. He is one of five children, all of whom are living. His father, Gottlieb T. Cryder, died in Lebanon county at the age of sixty-four years. Moses lived in that county until he was sixteen years old. He attended school regularly until ten years old, then only four or five months a year. His school days were well employed and he came to their end with a very fair education for the times. When he was fifteen, in 1843, he came to Londonderry township where he has since made his home, in what is now Royalton borough. He began the active business of life as President Garfield, a boy on the canal. He continued to be employed as boatman on the canal for sixteen years, from 1838 to 1854. In the last named year he changed his occupation, becoming engaged in sawing lumber. He was engaged from 1855 to 1883 in this and other pursuits, meanwhile getting ready for some more congenial business, and in 1880 he began the grocery business, in which he is still engaged. In 1851 he was married to Miss Caroline, daughter of Thomas Dunn, of Lancaster county. They have one child, J. Dunn Cryder, born. August 11, 1853, who has been in the employment of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company for twenty years. In politics Mr. Cryder is independent.


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