CURRY, John B.
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CURRY, JOHN B., grain and coal dealer, Swatara, Pa., was born in Derry township, Dauphin county, Pa., December 29, 1856. He is a son of Conrad and Catharine (Bashore) Curry. Conrad Curry also was born in Dauphin county, the son of Samuel Curry, a carpenter of that county, of Scotch-Irish descent. He was brought up on the farms of his neighbors until twenty-one years, when he learned the milling trade and made it his occupation, up to the year 1884; he then transferred the business to his son; John B. He was married in Derry township, where his wife, Catherine Bashore, was born. They had three children: John B., Samuel B., grain dealer and miller, of Lebanon, Pa., and Mary, who died young. Mr. Curry is a Republican and a member of the United Brethren church. He resides with is son,. John B. He is a genial man and much respected.

John B. Curry attended the schools of his native township in winter, and worked on the farm in summer, until he was twenty years old. He then learned the trade with his father, and worked with him until 1884, when his father relinquished the business, leaving it solely in his management. He met with reasonable success, but being desirous of extending his operations, he took the warehouse at Swatara, owned by Isaac Erb, and traded in grain and coal. He was married, in Lebanon county, Pa., in 1880, to Emma, one of the six children of John Kreider, of Lebanon county. They have seven children: Irwin, Ammon, Amos, Mary, Henry, John K., and Catherine, all attending school. Mr. Curry is a Republican in politics. He is a member of the United Christian church. He has from his youth been a hard working and very busy man. He has always been recognized as a man of sound judgement in business matters, and is prudent, careful and enterprising. His business capacity, coupled with strict integrity, have made him a successful and an honored man.