EBY, Maurice C.
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Eby, Hon. Maurice C., ex-mayor of Harrisburg, was born upon the banks of the picturesque and beautiful Susquehanna river, in Middletown, Dauphin county, Pa., in May, 1846. His parents, Jacob Rupley Eby and Elizabeth Gross Eby, introduced their first-born into the city of his adoption, Harrisburg, Pa., in 1847. His career is now only to date from the age of maturity, having passed through the trials, temptations and vicissitudes of youth the same as any other city individual in this memorial epoch. Lafayette College claims him as one of its alumni. The first to enter that institution as a pupil of the scientific course, he parted from the college to take a tour of three years upon the continent. The greater part of the time was spent at Geneva, Switzerland, and Carlsruhe, Baden, acquiring the language, with plenty of leisure to visit the principle countries and cities of the Old World. His knowledge gleaned from roving and strict attention to objects and places of interest, and associations with the people, have furnished him with a storehouse of personal reminiscences, places and old landmarks of invaluable profit and immense benefit, as well as a gem to his methods of intercourse and business career, enabling him to make a comparison between his own beloved country and that of foreign dynasties. A bachelor with fixed and determined routine of daily life, merchant by profession, dating from the year 1871, of a domestic and club disposition, an admirer and patron of manly sports, upon water and land - in fact to such a degree that the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, together with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, appointed him their agent in this district, and many are the complimentary notices accorded him for his valuable interference and rescue of the injured and distressed. He holds the honor gratuitously, and prizes it more than the gift of the ancient star and garter conferred by kings and princesses. Mr. Eby is a charter member of the City Board of Trade, likewise the Pennsylvania German Society, and an active member of Dauphin County Historical Society. In 1893 he permitted his name to go before the public as a candidate for the position of chief magistrate of the city, and the result of the count proclaimed him mayor, which office he held for a period of three years, and we quote from his closing address to the councils: "My purpose in the future will be to live in our community as a citizen, obeying all the laws of the Commonwealth and ordinances of the city, determined to accomplish a good deed daily, and make a blade of grass to grow where none grew before."

Eby, Hon. Maurice C., p. 321 & 322

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