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ELLMAKER, FRANK, late superintendent of the middle division of the Pennsylvania railroad, was born August 10, 1854. He was educated at the Parkesburg Institute and the Polytechnic College of Pennsylvania, from which he was graduated June 26, 1875. He entered the service of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company June 14, 1880. From August, 1871, to November, 1872, he was engaged with S.W. Mifflin, chief engineer on surveys, location and contraction of the Philadelphia and Newtown,and Pennsylvania and Delaware railroads, in the capacity of rodman, levelman and transitman. From June, 1872, to June, 1875, he took the course at the Polytechnic College as above stated. From June, 1875, to November of the same year, he was engaged on surveys of Lamoille Valley division of Portland and Ogdensburg railroad as levelman. From November, 1875, to June 13, 1880, he was employed on the Springfield, Jackson and Pomeroy railroad in the following capacities: From November, 1875, to January, 1876, as rodman; January, 1876, to March, 1876, as levelman; March to May of same year, as transitman; May, 1876, to August, 1877, as assistant engineer on location and construction; August, 1877, to December, 1878, to March, 1879, as rodman; March, 1879, to June 13, 1880, as chief engineer; June 14, 1880, to April, 1881, as assistant engineer in principal engineer’s office at Altoona; April 18, 1881, to February 20, 1882, as assistant supervisor of division MI, Philadelphia division; February 20, 1882, to March 1, 1883, as assistant engineer of Monongahela division; January 1, 1883, to January 14, 1886, as assistant engineer of New York division; January, 1886, to August, 1889, as superintendent of Belvidere division; August 1, 1889, to February 1, 1891, as superintendent of Shamokin division, Northern Central railroad, and Sunbury division of Philadelphia and Erie railroad; February 1, 1891, to January 1, 1893, as superintendent of Amboy division; January 1, 1893, to May 1, 1893, as superintendent of Delaware Extension and Kensington division; May 1, 1893, to October 1, 1895, as superintendent of Middle division, Pennsylvania railroad. This is a bare statement of dates and facts, but is more impressive than any eloquence of language , for it tells of hard work, close application, technical skill, business tact and ability, and the grand success which these qualities and achievements are certain to produce. In the winner of these substantial promotions, such able business men as General Roumfort, James McRea and S.M. Prevost find a worthy successor and compeer.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

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