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ENDER, EDWARD A., was born at Enders, Dauphin county, Pa., May 31, 1858, son of George and Susan (Fetterhoff) Enders. He attended school in his native town for a short time each year until he was eighteen, when he devoted himself to active work on the farm until he was twenty-two years of age. He was then for a season employed in the mines. Then he found employment at the Almshouse, where he was in charge of the insane inmates for four years, and for one year in the boiler house as engineer. In 1886 he removed to Williamstown, Dauphin county, and worked in the coal mines three years, after which he returned to his native town and lived one year with his family. At all these places he was employed as an engineer. In 1890 Mr. Enders removed to Harrisburg, and was employed in the same capacity by the Brelsford Packing Company. He has continued to be thus employed to the present time.

Edward A. Enders was married at Carlisle, Pa., July 30, 1885, to Alice C., daughter of Harry and Kate Brightbill. They have had seven children, four of whom are living: Harry B., Ruth W., Calder E., and Grace. Their deceased children are: Franklin, died May 20, 1888, aged seven months and one day; Annie, died August 19, 1891, aged one month and seven days, and George, died February 26, 1894, aged six months and three days. Mr. Enders is a member of Johnís Castle, No.17, A.O.K. of M.C. His political views are Republican.

Mr. Enders was born in Cumberland county, Pa., October 6, 1865. Her parents were both natives of the same county. Mr. Brightbill spent his early life in dealing in stock, and later was engaged in contracting. His wife was the daughter of John and Rachel (Manott) Kilkey. They had fourteen children, of whom four are living: Alice, Mrs. Enders; Edgar; Mary, wife of David Huntzberger, and Franklin. Mr. Brightbill was a DEmocrat. He died July 25, 1888, aged fifty-eight years. Mrs. Brightbill survives him and resides at Carlisle, Pa., in good health. Both of the grandparents of Mrs. Enders died in Cumberland county. They were farmers by occupation, and had a family of seven children, five of whom are living: Maria, Dollie, Eve, wife of Daniel Fisher, deceased, Kate, Amelia. Their deceased children were: Emma, died in 1886, aged thirty-three, wife of Shell Ream, and Harry, father of Mrs. Enders.


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