ETTER, Benjamin
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ETTER, Benjamin F., lawyer of Harrisburg, and ex-deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania, was born at Middletown, Dauphin county, September 29, 1824. He obtained his early education at the Middletown Academy. At the age of twenty-two began reading law with James Fox, a lawyer of Harrisburg, and was admitted to practice on November 24, 1851. He opened a law office in Harrisburg the same year, and has been engaged in general practice in the civil courts of the county and State since, a period of thirty-one years. Mr. Etter was appointed and served for six years as deputy attorney general under Attorney General William M. Meredith, and for a short time under Attorney General Benjamin H. Brewster. His safe and judicious opinions as a counselor, his integrity and fidelity to his clients, and his uncompromising desire to defend the wrong and encourage the right have given him a high reputation in the profession. He married, in 1857, Catharine A., daughter of Charles A. and Barbara A. (Keller) Snyder, of Lancaster, Pa. Her father was a relative of Governor Snyder. Their surviving children were Charles F., clerk in the First National Bank of Harrisburg; Nannie E., and George E. Etter. His parents, George and Nancy (Shelly) Etter, died at Middletown, the former in 1850, aged sixty-seven; the latter in 1826, aged thirty. His grandfather, Abraham Etter, settled in Dauphin county, from Lancaster, about 1800, where he died, and was of German origin. His maternal grandfather was Abraham Shelly, of York county, Pa.

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