ETTER, Calvin
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ETTER, Calvin, was born in Newport, Perry county, Pa., in December, 1835. He is a son of the late Henry H. and Mary (Shaffner) Etter. Henry H. Etter was bore in Lancaster County, Pa. He was for along time engaged in boating on the canal. For many years he was proprietor of the Warm Springs Hotel, Warm Springs, Perry county. He was for a time enmployed under the United States Government, in the Agricultural Department at Washingten, D. C. After an active and useful life, he died in Philadelphia in 1890. His wife Mary Shaffner, was born in Harrisburg, nnd died in that city in 1865. Their children are: Ellen, wife of Jesse S. Butts, of Newport, Perry county; Calvin; Sarah, wife of Francis Wilcox, of San Diego, Cal., and Mary, wife of Ritzel Shattick, of Philadelphia.

Calvin Etter was reared on the farm in Perry county. He had the opportunities which the common schools afford the busy farmer's boy, and his subsequent life shows that he made good use of them. The close school days found him well-informed, disciplined and prepared for practical work. His natural tastes led him to prefer agricultural pursuits in early life, but at the age of twenty he forsook the farm and became clerk in a general store. Here he spent several years, becoming in that time thoroughly familiar with mercantile business.

In 1864 he began business on his own account in Harrisburg. He opened a grocery store, and has since been in the business since that date. With perhaps one exception, he is now the oldest grocer in the city. Mr. Etter has a combination of the qualities whick make a successful merchant. He is systematic and methodical, able to lay out his plans and to give assiduous attention to the minutest details in their execution. He is alert and enterprising, and always abreast of the times. Always having his own business well in hand, he has time, as well as inclination, to interest himself in social and general movements intended to promote the development and growth of the city. In social life he is a model gentleman, modest and always approachable. His success, the resulb of his accurate judgement, keen insight and absolute adherence to principle, is as honorable as it is large and enviable.

Mr. Etter was married in Harrisburg, in April, 1865, to Helen Marshall, of Perry county. They have had four children, one of whom died in infancy. Their living children are: Carrie, wife of Harry S. Kelly, wood and coal dealer, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this volume; Charlie Ross, a salesman in his father's store, and Mary Grace.

Mr. Etter is a Republican. He has represented the Fifth ward of Harrisburg in common council for two terms, and in select council one term.

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