ETTER, David K.
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ETTER, DAVID K., farmer was born in East Hanover township, Dauphin county, Pa., November 19, 1865. He is a son of David and Sallie (Koons) Etter, both natives of East Hanover township. David Etter, Sr., has made farming his business for many years. Earlier in life he was a spangler, and for some years worked at that trade. He now lives retired from active work. His politics are Republican. He is a member of the Dunkard church. Mr. Etter married Miss Sallie Koons. They have these children: Lizzie, wife of George Baum; Kate K., wife of Amos Gingerich; John, died in 1876; Joseph; David K.; Samuel; and Leah, wife of Isaac Basehore.

David K. Etter had the usual opportunities enjoyed in the common schools by the farmer boy who can be spared from busy toil only for a short time during the winter months. After receiving this limited intellectual training he remained with his father working on the farm until he was twenty-three years old. In 1889 he engaged in farming for himself on the place where he now resides. Mr. Etter was married, May 12, 1888, to Miss Fannie N., daughter of Jacob and Sarah Gingrich. They have one son, named Harry. Mr. Etter is one of the solid and reliable men of the community. He is a Republican. He is also a faithful member of the Dunkard church.


Historical Review of Dauphin County

Transcribed by Donna Whipple for The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project

Date of Transcription: 21 Feb 2001

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