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ETZWEILER, JEROME, confectioner, Millersburg, was born at Millersburg, Pa., November 6, 1852, and is a son of John D. and Sarah (Henninger) Etzweiler. His grandfather, John Etzweiler, married Annie Gray, and they had these children: Rebecca, wife of Emanuel Frank; John; Mary, wife of John Slaight; Salome, wife of J. Armbruster; Amanda, wife of John Walters; Lydia, wife of Robert Ritchie; Theodore, an invalid, and three children who died in infancy.

John D. Etzweiler, father of Jerome Etzweiler, resides at Dimmsville, Juniata county, Pa. Mrs. Sarah Etzweiler was born in 1835, and died in April, 1883. They had six children: John, died aged two years; Jerome; Charles, married Lizzie Shaffer, has four children; Louisa, wife of C. W. Fralich, has two children; William, married Emma Vandyke, has three children; Josiah, married Gertrude Krotzer, has one child. Mr. Etzweiler was married, a second time, to Jennie, daughter of James Cox.

Jerome Etzweiler was a pupil in the public schools of his native town for a part of each year until he was seventeen. During part of this time he was a very helpful assistant in the hotel kept by his father. After this time he was engaged in various occupations, being industrious and enterprising, and willing to accept any respectable and reasonable remunerative employment. Even at that time he had the name of being an energetic and faithful workman, and he was seldom, if ever, without a job. He was for two years in the employ of the Northern Central Railway Company, and might have continued in this service with every prospect of rapid promotion, since his services were prompt and faithful, and entirely satisfactory to the company, but Mr. Etzweiler was enterprising and ambitions, and had a strong desire to be at some business under his own control, being persuaded that his time and talents thus employed would result in larger benefit than if given to the business of another party. Scanning the situation at home, it occurred to him that there was good promise there for a well conducted ice cream and confectionery business. Accordingly, on May 10, 1879, Mr. Etzweiler announced to the public his readiness to accommodate them in this line, and solicited their patronage. The public generously responded; the trade increased, and soon demanded larger facilities and accommodations, and in 1882 Mr. Etzweiler established himself in the spacious and elegantly furnished rooms in which he has since received his patrons. He was favored by his friends and neighbors, not only because they thought it well to patronize the young men of their own place, and thus encourage them to stay at home and aid in building up the town, but principally because of his skillful management, strict attention to business and honest dealing, coupled with a courteous manner and an obliging disposition.

Jerome Etzweiler was married, March 12, 1882, to Sarah E., daughter of George and Elizabeth (Enterline) Holtzman, born December 22, 1851. They are blessed with three children: George L., born January 21, 1883; Mary Grace, May 22, 1886, and William H., January 15, 1888. Mr. Etzweiler is prominent among the Odd Fellows, holding membership in Lodge No. 183, Millersburg. He votes the Republican ticket and is a school director in Millersburg. Mr. Etzweiler worships in the Evangelical church; his family attend the Lutheran church.

George and Elizabeth Holtzman, parents of Mrs. Etzweiler, are living. Of their eight children, Edward died October 11, 1895, aged thirty-seven, leaving a widow and two children, Charles and Pauline. Their other children are: Mary J.; John M., married Katie White; Simon, married Frances Klinger; Sarah E., Mr. Etzweiler; Ida; Kate; and Agnes, wife of Joseph Bowman. Michael Holtzman, grandfather of Mrs. Etzweiler, married Elizabeth Novinger. They had six children: George, Jacob, James, Elizabeth, Leah, and Sarah.

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