FRAIM, Henry S.
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FRAIM, HENRY S., proprietor of the Excelsior Marble Works, 2003 Fifth street, was born in Dauphin, Dauphin county, Pa., March 30, 1850. His progenitors were of Scotch ancestry. During the religious persecution in Scotland, David Fraim and two others of the family, being Presbyterians and strong in their faith, sacrificed their homes and fled the country rather than embrace the Roman Catholic faith. They came to America, landing at New York, where all trace of one was lost, though in later years some of his descendants were discovered in Canada by Rev. Reuben Fraim, a brother of Benjamin. The other two brothers settled in Lancaster county, Pa.

Benjamin Fraim, the grandfather of Henry S., was born in Lancaster county, September 25, 1791, and was united in marriage to Elizabeth Stephenson, November 14, 1813. They had eight children: Israel W., born August 19, 1815; Isaiah L., born March 16, 1818; Jeremiah S., born February 25, 1820; Josiah M., born December 5, 1821 ; Ira N., born February 24, 1824; Lavania A., born February 14, 1826; John H., born June 27, 1827; Amos F., born May 23, 1829.

Jeremiah S. Fraim, third son of Benjamin Fraim, was born at Paradise, Lancaster county, and died at Harrisburg, September 25, 1889. His wife was born at East Hanover, Dauphin county, Pa., April 7, 1821. Her name is Charlotte (Walters) Fraim. She is still living and makes her home with her children. They were married August 21, 1845, and had six children: Alice A., born July 15, 1847, died in infancy; Henry S.; Sarah E., born at Dauphin, April 24, 1852, wife of John D. Harris, residing in Philadelphia; Mary E., born at Dauphin, November 12, 1856, wife of Robert Hall, residing in Philadelphia; William N., born at Dauphin, November 8, 1858, residing in Harrisburg; Charles F., born at Dauphin, February 21, 1862, residing in Harrisburg.

Henry S. Fraim spent his boyhood at Dauphin, and received his education in the schools of that place, under the tuition of Mrs. Talley. Here he learned shoemaking at which he worked for about twelve years in Harrisburg, where he took up his residence in 1869. He was engaged in various occupations until 1893, in which year he commenced his present business. He is well and favorably known in trade circles, and is esteemed for his enterprise and integrity. He justly merits the large patronage he has received.

Mr. Fraim was married, at Harrisburg, December 21,1871, to Mary E. Hake, daughter of Andrew and Eliza Hake. Their children are: Alvin H., born October 24, 1872; Sylvia A., born April 29, 1875, and died August 15, 1877; Charles W., born April 3, 1880; Howard H., born December 28,1889. Mr. Fraim is a member of Pilgrim Encampment, No. 83, K. of St. J. & M., and of Phoenix Lodge, No. 59, K. of P. Mr. and Mrs. Fraim are consistent members of Fifth Street Methodist Episcopal church.

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