FRANK, Henry
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FRANK, HENRY, carpenter and contractor, was born in Upper Paxton township, Dauphin county, Pa., January 19, 1824; son of John and Elizabeth (Meck) Frank. His paternal great-grandfather, whose surname was Neighbor, was of Huguenot descent. He owned the mill and water power where the electric light plant of Millersburg now stands. His family consisted of four daughters, one of whom was married to John Frank, another to David Frank, and the other two daughters married brothers by the name of Sandoe. John Frank, father of Henry Frank, was born in Upper Paxton township, October 20, 1796, and died October 12, 1870. His wife, Elizabeth Meck, was born in 1800, and died in May, 1857. They had four children: George W., married Elizabeth Hoover, and had seven children; Henry; Nathaniel and Catherine, twins; Nathaniel died in infancy, but Catherine is still living; she married Henry Knouff, and was left a widow with two children, John and Frank. Mr. John Frank served as a soldier in the war of 1812 under Captain Fetterhoff and Colonel Ritchie. He was among the militia drafted in 1814. Mr. John Meck, maternal grandfather of Henry Frank, was of German ancestry, and was a prominent farmer and miller in Upper Paxton township. He had four children besides Elizabeth, who became Mrs. Frank.

Henry Frank first attended the neighboring subscription schools, and was subsequently a pupil in the public schools. He worked with his father at various occupations until 1840, when he went to Millersburg to learn carpentry with John Frank, his father’s cousin. He remained there until August of the same year, when he went to Harrisburg, and became an apprentice to the same trade with Alexander Hamilton and Jacob Reed. After an apprenticeship of three years he was employed by Mr. Hamilton as a journeyman, from the month of August until the following May. He then returned to his native town and began business as carpenter on his own account. The first house he built is the one in which he now resides. He also built the large house on the corner of Union and Race streets, the present residence of Hon. Mr. Bowman. Among other important structures erected by him are the large building on the northeast corner of Market and Center streets, now used as a store and halls; the parsonage of the Methodist Episcopal church, and other buildings. Mr. Frank was actively engaged as a practical builder until 1875, and later erected a number of large buildings in Millersburg.

Mr. Frank was largely influential in the establishment of the Millersburg Bank, was one of the original stockholders, and has been and is at present one of the directors of the bank. He was actively interested in the establishment of the Millersburg Agricultural Works, of which he became the treasurer in 1886. Politically he is a Democrat. He has served as burgess and filled other borough offices, the most important of which is that of school director; he was in the board for six consecutive years, and at a later time served a term of three years, filling the office of president for five years, and serving one year as treasurer.

Mr. Frank was married, February 11, 1851, to Mary B., daughter of John and Elizabeth (Light) Eberly. Two of their six children are deceased: Laura, born February 25, 1852, died July 6, 1882; Mary E., born May 31, 1856, died April 6, 1857. Their living children are Simon P., born October 19, 1853; John N., May 1, 1858, married Sarah Wombaugh, who died September 26, 1895, had two children, Maud W. and James T.; Emma E., December 9, 1861; Miriam D., January 7, 1869. Mr. Frank joined Perseverance Lodge, No. 183, I. O. O. F., at Millersburg, in 1849, and in point of seniority is the third on the list of its members. He and his family are members of the Methodist church. Mr. Frank began business at the bottom round of the ladder, and has by ability and perseverance climbed it rung by rung. He has in all his course been self-reliant and persistent, wisely depending on his own resources and always putting forth his best efforts. He may enjoy his accumulated competency with the utmost satisfaction, and take great pleasure in the respect and good will accorded him by his neighbors.

John Eberly, father of Mrs. Frank, was born November 21, 1799, and died January 22, 1875. His wife died in 1842. They were the parents of two sons and five daughters.

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