GEETY, Wm. Wallace
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GEETY, William Wallace, was born in Harrisburg, December 4, 1831, and died at Dauphin, January 19, 1887. When he was quite young the family moved to Middletown, but returned a few years later. Then Wallace, a lad eight years of age, was sent to the school of Jacob Eyster, who kept the boys under strict military drill and discipline. At twelve years of age he was put to Francis Wyeth to learn the book business, and at sixteen to Martin Lutz to acquire a knowledge of pharmacy. He had also learned something of dentistry with Dr. Stough, practicing his profession and teaching school at intervals until 1858, when he removed to Coxestown and taught school until the war broke out. He first enlisted as a private in the "Cameron Guards" for a term of three months. This ended, he returned and helped raise a company of forty men, which was assigned to Colonel Goodís regiment (later Colonel Gobin's), with James Casey, of Perry county, as captain and himself as first lieutenant. He participated in the battles of Gainsville, St. Johnís Bluff and Pocotaligo, where he was severely wounded. A grape shot struck him between the eyes and passing to the left destroyed the eye, shattered the bones of the face, injuring the nerves and lodged near the carotic [sic] artery. While lying upon the field he was for a while given up for dead. When able to leave the hospital he returned to Harrisburg, received the rank of captain and was appointed quartermaster, which position he held until the expiration of his term of service. After that he removed to Clark's Valley, but failing health compelled him to relinguish [sic] a small farm he had purchased, and in 1879 he settled in Dauphin until his death. Captain Geety was a member of the Veteran Association of Dauphin, and of Post 58, G. A. R., of Harrisburg, a staunch Republican, and for some years a member of the county committee. Captain Geety married, in 1858, Henrietta Thompson, who with four children survive.


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Date of Transcription: 24 February 2001

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