GORGAS, SOLOMON R., M.D., was born in Cumberland county, Pa., September 11, 1853. He was the son of Hon. William R. Gorgas a sketch of whom appears in another place in this volume, and Elizabeth (Hummel) Gorgas. He resided in his native county until fifteen years of age. He received his education at Columbia Valley Institute, at Mechanicsburg, and Muhlenburg College, of Meyerstown. He took up the study of medicine with Dr. E. H. Coover, and attended the Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia, from which institution he was graduated in 1874. He began the practice of medicine in the Philadelphia almshouse, and continued, it until January, 1876. He practiced in Philadelphia for one year. In 1877 he came to Harrisburg, where he conducted a general practice, and also gave special attention to surgery until his death June 30, 1894. He was member of the Dauphin County Medical Society, and served on some its most important committees. In 1887 he was appointed by the board of governors to the position of physician to the City Hospital, and for three years served as assistant surgeon of the same. He was a stockholder in the Harrisburg Burial Case Company, in the Harrisburg Furniture Factory and in the City Passenger Railway Company, and director of the same. As one of the administrators of his father’s estate he was interested in various business enterprises of the city. He was a member of the Democratic party, but held no political office. He was one of the physicians to the Children’s Industrial Home, and was resident surgeon to the Pennsylvania Railroad Company from January 1, 1894 until the time of his death. He was not married.