GOSS, Martin
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GOSS, Martin, farmer, was born in Derry township, near Oberlin, Dauphin county, Pa., September 2, 1819. He is a son of Jacob and Polly (Eshelman) Goss. They were married March 31, 1812, and had eight children : Abraham, born January 18, 1813 ; Jacob, May 15, 1814 ; Elizabeth, July 15, 1816 ; Michael, July 15, 1817 ; Mary, January 13, 1818 ; Martin, September 12, 1819 ; Magdalena, March 20, 1822 ; and Barbara, September 20, 1824. Mr. Goss died aged seventy-four years, and Mrs. Goss aged seventy-five.

Martin Goss, in his boyhood, worked on the farm during the spring and summer months and attended school in the winter. He was employed by John Conrad for five years at farm work, at $11 per month. He also worked nineteen months for George Moon, and then was again employed by Conrad for one year. He then rented Frederick Keltiesí farm and cultivated it for eighteen years. He was all the time accumulating and laying by money. In 1863 he was able to own a farm and accordingly purchased his present homestead where he has ever since been engaged in farming.

Mr. Goss was married, March 26, 1846, to Harriet George. Out of six children of this marriage, three are deceased : Martin and David, who died in infancy, and Susie, who lived to be five years old. The survivors are : Harry ; Mary, wife of Eli Umberger ; and Sarah, wife of Daniel Freinfrock. Mrs. Harriet Goss died in 1860. In a second marriage, April 28, 1861, Mr. Goss was united to Mary, daughter of Jacob and Molly Peck Garrett, by whom he had these children : Amos, born April 12, 1862, died in 1890 ; Barbara, born December 28, 1863, wife of David Peters ; Jacob, born April 28, 1866 ; George, born February 28, 1868 ; Samuel, born April 10, 1870 ; and John H., born June 14, 1872. The second wife of Mr. Goss died in 1875. He was married again, October 10, 1878, to Ann Whitman. They have had three children : Daniel W., who died in infancy ; Isaac H., born January 20, 1871 ; and Annie Elizabeth, October 12, 1884. Mr. Goss is a Republican. He is an honest and charitable man, and a good citizen.


Historical Review of Dauphin County

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