GRUBB, Henry
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GRUBB, Henry A.

Grubb, Henry A., farmer and dairyman, was born in Greenwood township, Perry county, Pa., September 30, 1850.

Henry Grubb (1), grandfather of Henry A. Grubb, was a farmer in Perry county, and died in that county. Henry Grubb (2) was born in Greenwood township, where he owned and cultivated a farm of two hundred acres, on which he died in 1862. He married Abbey Mentz, a native of Northumberland county. Their children were: Susan, William, Sophia, and Sarah J., all deceased; Abbey, wife of Henry Long, Perry county; Angeline, wife of Joseph Ulsh; Abraham, of Perry county; Henry A.; Mary, wife of Henry Grubb, farmer, Perry county; Ida, wife of John App. Mrs Grubb died in Perry county, February 10, 1892. Mr. Grubb was a Republican. He was a zealous member of the Lutheran church, and took an active part in its enterprises.

Henry A. Grubb attended the common schools of his native township. When he was twelve years old he engaged in regular work on the home farm, and was so employed until his father's death, after which he hired out as a farm hand, at from $14 to $23 per month. He worked one year in Perry county, then two years for George Negley, in Washington township, Dauphin county. He was for the next two years repairer in the Lykens coal mines. He then bought the old Hess farm, one hundred and eleven acres, in Lykens township, on which was the Hess Hotel, paying $62.50 per acre. He improved the place, adding needful buildings, etc., and began cultivating it, at the same time keeping the hotel for two years. In 1895 he engaged in the dairy business, and has a good trade in supplying Lykens. Mr. Grubb has great energy, and is very enterprising; he is successful and prosperous. He is popular and well known as one of the substantial citizens of the township.

Henry A. Grubb was married, in Lykens township, in 1874, to Isabella Hess, a native of Lykens township, and an adopted daughter of Abraham Hess, a hotel keeper. Their children are : William, on the farm; Annie; Edward N.; Charles; Carrie, and one that died in infancy. Mr. Grubb is a Republican, and is active in public affairs. He has been school director for three years.


Historical Review of Dauphin County

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