HAGE, Hother
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HAGE, HOTHER, son of Jens Fredrich and Gertrude (Heitmann) Hage, was born April 9,1800, in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. He was a graduate at the age of fourteen of the Royal University of Copenhagen. In 1819 he came to the United States and settled upon a tract of land known as "Gallagher's Improvement," on Clearfield creek, Clearfield county, Pa., presented him by his father. He built a log hut and remained there about nine years, passing that time in studying, clearing the land and hunting. In 1832 he found employment in the construction of the State canals in his chosen profession, that of civil engineer. In 1835 he was employed as chief engineer on the construction of the West Feliciana railroad, of Louisiana, a short line of road running from Bayou Sara to Woodville. During the years 1830-38 he was chief engineer of the Franklin railroad in Pennsylvania. May 30, 1838, he was appointed by the canal commissioners of the State principal engineer upon the survey of a route from the town of Chambersburg to Pittsburgh, also on the Raystown Branch of the Juniata, as contemplated in the act of the Pennsylvania State Legislature passed April 14, 1838. April 19, 1847, he was appointed principal assistant engineer of the eastern division of the Pennsylvania railroad, under William B. Forster, Jr. In 1852 he was employed in the construction of the Dauphin and Susquehanna Coal Company railroad. From September 1, 1850, to July 19, 1859, he was principal engineer on the enlargement of the Union canal. July 10, 1859, he was appointed by Gov. William F. Packer a commissioner to examine that portion of the line of the Sunbury and Erie railroad lying between the harbor of Erie and the borough of Warren. On April 24, 1860, he was elected civil engineer to make survey and plan of the city of Harrisburg. In 1866 he was employed in the office of the assessor of the United States internal revenue, continuing in the employ of the Government until 1872, in which year, on the 27th day of June, he departed this life. Mr. Hage was married, December 18, 1849, by the Rev. J. Baker, of Lancaster, to Mary A., daughter of Henry and Salome Kendig, of Lancaster county.

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