HATTER, GEORGE W., furniture dealer and funeral director, Millersburg, Pa., was born at Donaldson, Schuylkill county, Pa., March 3, 1859, and is a son of George and Mary (Haberacker) Hatter.

George Hatter (1), grandfather of George W. Hatter, married Kate Erdman. They had nine children: Daniel, Kate, John, George, Elizabeth, Moses, David, Samuel, and Amanda. Mrs. Hatter died aged about eighty-eight. George Hatter, Jr., father of George W. Hatter, and his wife, Mary (Haberacker) Hatter, are both living, and reside in Schuylkill county, Pa. Of their seven children, one, Frederick, died in infancy. The living children are: Joel, married Elizabeth Wolfgang; Catherine, widow of Benedict Trefsger, and now wife of William Dinger; George W.; William, married Emma Miller; Samuel M., married Agnes Miller, and Andrew, married Leah Lewis.

George W. Hatter attended the public schools of his native county, and remained with his parents until he was eighteen. Although he had not attained his majority and his parents might lawfully and reasonable have detained him at home, they were willing to relinquish their claim, and let him go forth into the world to make his own living. He looked about for some time and tried various occupations; among other employments he worked for a time in the coal mines. He was not fully settled in any regular business until 1875, when he began to deal in live stock and in merchandise of different descriptions; he continued to be thus occupied until 1880. He afterwards obtained a contract for carrying the mails in Sullivan county, Pa., under an engagement for two and a half years, after which he returned to his native town. Finding there an opening for a furniture store, Mr. Hatter embarked in that line of business, and enjoyed a good patronage, building up a profitable trade in which he was engaged up to 1889; after this time he added to his enterprise the business of undertaker and funeral director. He continued this business at Donaldson until 1894, when he removed to Millersburg, established himself in commodious quarters, and began his successful career as furniture dealer and undertaker. Mr. Hatter has qualified himself for his business, especially in the undertaking branch, being the only graduated funeral director and embalmer in Millersburg or the vicinity.

George W. Hatter was married, July 1, 1876, to Jessie F., daughter of Lewis and Catherine (Moses) Miller. Of their five children, one is deceased, Mary Rebecca, born September 28, 1879, died September 18, 1881. Their living children are: Ivan M., born July 26, 1877; Florence M., February 17, 1881; Ernest C., December 17, 1885; G. Granville, August 25, 1889. In beneficial and fraternal circles Mr. Hatter is prominent as a member of Council No. 972, R. A., at Tremont, Schuylkill county, Pa.; I. O. O. F., at Millersburg, and Washington Camp, No. 74, P. O. S. of A., at Donaldson, Schuylkill county. He is a Republican. The family attend the Reformed church.

Lewis Miller, father of Mrs. Hatter, died April 10, 1886, aged about seventy-four. His wife died October 14, 1888, aged about sixty-nine. Of their five children, one, Mary, died in infancy; the others are: Leoline, wife of William Bodley; James K., married Lottie Uminitz; she died and he married Dora Mutchler; Florence E., wife of William Ludwick; Jessie F., Mrs. Hatter.

Mr. Hatters business career is interesting. He began without material aid, carefully worked his own way and is now well established in trade, enjoying a liberal patronage without forebodings as to the future. He is among the substantial and honored men of the community, owing his success to his own self-reliant efforts. Since the foregoing was written Mr. Hatter has died.

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