HAYS, Wm. W.
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HAYS, William Wallace, was born October 23, 1836; died March 31, 1870, at Harrisburg, Pa. He received his preparatory education in the public schools and Harrisburg Academy; entered the sophomore class of Jefferson College, Canonsburg, in 1853, graduating in 1856. He then went to Texas, where he remained two years, teaching in Victoria and Goliad. After returning North, he began the study of law with Robert A. Lamberton, Esq., and was admitted to the Dauphin county bar December 6, 1859. He began the practice of his profession at Harrisburg, continuing until his appointment by Governor Curtin, in 1861, as chief clerk in the office of the secretary of the Commonwealth. On May 1, 1866, he was appointed deputy secretary of the Commonwealth, discharging the duties of that office until the close of Governor Curtin's administration. He then resumed his profession of the law, and in connection with it served as clerk to the Board of Claims from January to June 1, 1868. In October following, having been nominated by the Republicans of the city of Harrisburg, he was elected mayor thereof, the duties of which office he entered upon January 11, 1869. His health, however, soon began to fail him, and he died while in office, in his thirty-fourth year. "Mr. Hays was a truly Christian gentleman, he thought more of right than he did of life. His nature was of that intensity which inspires men to die for the truth, while his convictions on all subjects relating to the ordinary and extraordinary affairs of life, here and hereafter, were governed by the strongest principles of religion and justice." Mr. Hays married, March 5, 1861, Mary Straughan Day, born September 13, 1837; daughter of Dr. Stephen F. Day and Eliza Floyd Straughan, of Wooster, O.


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