HERSHEY, Israel L.
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HERSHEY, ISRAEL L., farmer and stockman, Derry, Dauphin county, Pa., was born in Derry township, Dauphin county, where he now resides, January 5, 1845. He is a son of Isaac and Mary (Landis) Hershey. Isaac Hershey was also born in Derry township, and was a son of Isaac and Annie (Frentz) Hershey, the former and extensive farmer of Lancaster county, where he was born. Isaac Hershey, Jr., attended subscription schools. He made farming his vocation for life. He was one of the best and most successful farmers of the township. Mary Landis, his wife, was born January 10, 1810, and was a daughter of Abraham Landis, of Lancaster county. They had seven children: Lavinia, Abram, and Benjamin, deceased; Israel L.; John, deceased; Annie, wife of John Moyer, farmer, Derry township; and Leah, deceased. Mr. Isaac Hershey died September 1, 1879, on the homestead farm. He was a prominent citizen, and belonged to the old Whig party. He was a Mennonite. His Widow survives, and has her home with her son Israel L.

Israel L. Hershey took the regular course of instruction in the district schools. He remained on the home farm, working for his father, until 1879, when his father died. The homestead then passed into his possession, and he has ever since cultivated the farm. He has made many improvements, and remodeled the dwelling. He has to some extent carried on the live stock business in connection with farming. He was married, in 1874, in Franklin county, to Mary, daughter of John Shartle, born in Franklin county, Pa., April 3, 1850. They have had four children: Elam, born February 7, 1875, works on the farm; John, born October 11, 1876, teacher; Isaac, born October 26, 1879; and Abner, born October 13, 1884.

John Shartle, father of Mrs. I.L. Hershey, was a prominent farmer and stockman of Franklin county. He married Mary Miller, of Franklin county. Their children were five in number: Mary, wife of I.L. Hershey; Samuel, farmer, Franklin county, Pa.; Emma, died young; Jacob, doctor, Millerville, Pa.; and John, doctor, Philadelphia, Pa. Both Mr. and Mrs. Shartle died in Franklin county.

Mr. Hershey is a Republican. He is one of the substantial and reliable men of the community. He prosecutes his business undertakings with industry and enterprise. He is a man of genial manner, and is very popular.



Transcribed by Dorothy Bumbaugh for the Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project.