HOFFMAN, Ephraim B.
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HOFFMAN, EPHRAIM B., was born in Dauphin county, December 24, 1840. His father, Peter E. Hoffman, was born December 10, 1813. He was one of the early settlers of Dauphin county. He acquired an ordinary education; he was a farmer and for a number of years farmed on what is known as Duffy's island. He was a Republican and held many of the township offices. He married Elizabeth, a daughter of William Berg, a native of Germany. They had seven children, two of whom are living: John B., married Sylinda Lane, daughter of John Lane, of Dauphin county, died August 2, 1886; Ephraim B.; Anne, wife of Horace Strong, of Dauphin county; Barbara, died at the age of fourteen years; Jacob, died at the age of twelve years; Amanda, died at the age of thirteen months; and Elizabeth, died at the age of five years.


Ephraim B. acquired his education in the public schools. He lived on the farm with his father until he was twenty-five years of age. He has been employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company since January 16, 1866. For twenty-four years he was conductor of the wreck train. On March 25, 1890, he lost his left leg, and since that time has been employed by the company in the town as leverman. He built one of the first houses in what is now known as Royalton. He has taken an active interest in politics as a Republican. He and his family take a prominent part in church work in the Lutheran church. He married, April 20,1865, Lydia B. Fink, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca (Burns) Fink, by whom he has had six children: Emma, born November 2, 1865, died at the age of twenty-one years; William, born September 11, 1867, died February 24, 1871; Lizzie, born January 15, 1870, died September 9, 1871; Charles, born February 24, 1872, died at the age of sixteen years; John, born January 1, 1874, living at home, employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and Peter, born July 6, 1876, employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.


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