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HUMMEL, REV. SOLOMON M., Derry Church, was born near Hummelstown, Pa., February 3, 1839. His father, Jacob B. Hummel, was born in Hummelstown, a son of Jacob Hummel. Jacob B. was a farmer, belonged to the Democratic party and was a member of the Lutheran church. He was a substantial , honorable and genial man, and died in Hummelstown in 1894. He married Fanny Mumma, a native of Dauphin county, who died in 1873. They had eight children: Solomon M.; Mary, wife of John Landis, merchant, of Hummelstown; Jacob, a miller in Lebanon county, Pa.; Elizabeth, wife of L. Strickler, of Hummelstown; Susan, deceased, wife of J.S. Strickler, farmer and lime manufacturer, of Derry township; Catherine, deceased, wife of Franklin Blessing; Fanny and Isaac died young.

Solomon M. Hummel attended the home schools of the township and worked on his fatherís farm until he was towenty-five years old. At this time he decided to become a minister of the Gospel and took up the study of theology. After three years of study he was ordained to the ministry of the United Brethren church. He became an able and popular paster and preacher, and labored with zeal and success in important places. He was paster of the Union Circuit in Dauphin and Lancaster counties for two years. He was elected presiding elder by the German United Brethren Conference and served in the district composed of Berks, Lehigh, Montgomery, Philadelphia and other counties for three years. Being affected with a weakness of the throat, which interfered at times with the use of his voice in public speaking, and made it impossible for him to perform the regular work of the ministry, he was compelled to resign his pastorate. He reluctantly retired from professional and public life and located in Derry Church, which has since been his residence. As a local preacher he still devotes much time to the spiritual wants of the people. He is a man of broad and deep sympathy and is interested in the welfare and happiness of the people. He is of a kindly disposition and easily approached by all classes. His counsel and help are sought by those in trouble and want; his presence is a benediction to the place.

While in a measure prevented by one form of physical weakness from doing regular professional work he is still a vigorous man, able to engage in other business. In 1884 he took up the coal business, which he managed with characteristic energy and skill and in which he meets with success. Mr. Hummel was married, in 1864, at Derry Church, to Mary, daughter of Martin L. Nissley, of Derry Church. They had one child, Alice, who died in infancy. Mrs. Hummel died in 1892. He married again, January 23, 1895, Elizabeth, daughter of O.S. Shank, merchant, of Annville, Pa.


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