HUMMEL, Val. Jr.
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HUMMEL, VALENTINE, son of Frederick Hummel (grandson of the founder of Hummelstown) and Susanna Hamaker, was born March 12, 1812, at Hummelstown, Dauphin county, Pa. At the age of thirteen he was sent to Harrisburg, in care of his uncle, Judge Hummel, receiving the benefit of two years’ English education in the schools of the borough. At the age of seventeen he was appreciated to the printing business, with Jacob Babb, publisher of the German paper, the Morgenrthe. At the age of twenty-one Mr. Hummel was taken into partnership, and the firm of Babb, Hummel & Bigler were for many years printers for the State and publishers of the German Democratic organ, the Morgenrthe. In 1850 Mr. Hummel was elected register of wills and recorder of deeds for Dauphin county, which office he creditably filled one term. He subsequently engaged in merchandising, in which he continued until a few years before his death. During the Rebellion, during the invasion of Pennsylvania, he was lieutenant of the Home Guard, Captain Nevin. For several years he was deputy collector of internal revenue, Fourteenth district, and for a long period collector of city taxes, and served in the board of school control. In the church (Zion Lutheran) he took an active part, and was superintendent of its Sabbath-school until physical disability prevented him from performing the duties of its service. He died at Harrisburg, Thursday morning, August 26, 1880.


Historical Review of Dauphin County

Transcribed by Donna Whipple for The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project –

Date of Transcription: 7 Feb 2001

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