IRWIN, Phillip

IRWIN, Philip, son of Henry Irwin (died 1815) and Margaret Fisher (1777-1859), was born August 30, 1815, in Lancaster county, Pa. His educational advantages were comprised in one or two winters at a country school. By self-application and industry, however, he became well informed, and with great activity and energy was generally successful in his enterprises. For many years he was engaged in building railroads, the scene of his operations being the Northern Central, Ohio and Mississippi, Erie, Lebanon Valley, Lake Shore, Michigan Southern, and other railroads. Although an active politician he never sought or held office, his business interests requiring all his time and attention. He died at Middletown on the 11th of December, 1878, aged sixty-three years. Mr. Irwin married, November 24, 1840, Anna Eliza Etter, daughter of George Etter and Nancy Shelly, who survived him. Their children were Margaret, Ann, Mary Ellen, George Henry, Franklin Etter, Jenny Lind, Philip Etter, and Lillian.


Historical Review of Dauphin County

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