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James Maginnis

MAGINNIS, James, was a native of Ireland, born about 1780. He was educated at Dublin, and at the age of twenty came to America, locating in Philadelphia, where he began the profession of teaching. In 1807 or 1808 he was invited to take charge of the Harrisburg Academy, but in 1810 relinquished his position there and entered into mercantile business with his brother-in-law, Fred. W. Leopold. Subsequently, about 1814, he resumed school teaching, and all his energies for a number of years were devoted to that calling. It was during this period that he compiled his “System of Bookkeeping” and the “New Arithmetic,” both published at Harrisburg, which for many years was extensively used as text books in Central Pennsylvania. In 1821 Mr. Maginnis was appointed deputy surveyor for Dauphin county. He had previously been surveyor for several State commissions authorized to lay out certain roads, as also county boundaries. He studied law at Harrisburg and was admitted at the March term, 1820. His wife, Ann Brandon, a woman of rare accomplishments and lovely disposition, to whom he was fondly devoted, dying March 18, 1828, so preyed upon his mind that he sank under the affliction, and died May 21, 1829. Mr. Maginnis was a gentleman of undoubted integrity, an able teacher and a good citizen.

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