COOVER, Joseph
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COOVER, JOSEPH HENRY, M. D., son of Samuel and Sarah (Stayman) Coover, was born June 15, 1838, in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland county, Pa. He was educated at the Cumberland Valley Institute, Mechanicsburg, where he was prepared for entering the junior class of a college course, but determining to lead a professional life, commenced the study of medicine with Dr. Eli H. Coover, in the fall of 1860, and later with Prof. D. Hayes Agnew, of Philadelphia, attending Jefferson College lecture course, 1861-62. In the spring of the latter year he was appointed by Governor Curtin one of the commissioners to investigate the sanitary condition of the Pennsylvania soldiers in the Army of the Potomac. Upon his return he went before the United States Medical Board, at Philadelphia, for examination, and was placed in charge of the reserve of the Fifth United States artillery, Army of the Potomac. In the fall of 1862 he returned to college where he graduated in March, 1863. He was afterwards sent as assistant surgeon to the general hospital, Nashville, Tenn.; from thence to the officers’ hospital, at Annapolis, Md., where he remained until the winter of 1864, performing, as Surgeon Baers, U.S.A., says, "some of the most difficult operations in surgery, and discharging his professional duties at all times in a highly scientific manner, reflecting both credit to himself and honor to the medical fraternity." The winter of 1864-65 was spent in college and in the wards of the different hospitals of the city of Philadelphia. The following spring Dr. Coover located at Harrisburg, in the practice of his profession. Desiring to lessen the burden of his practice, he was led to devote special attention to diseases of the eye, ear and throat, and with this object in view he went to Europe, where, during the years of 1878-79, he pursued his studies in these specialties referred to in the hospitals of Vienna and London, under the most eminent and skillful surgeons and physicians in the world.

Dr. Coover married, in 1865, Flora L., daughter of Col. John Wolford, of York Springs, Adams county, Pa.


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