LEEDY, Daniel
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LEEDY, Daniel., deceased, was born in York county, Pa., in 1819. He removed to Chambersburg, Pa., where he learned the trade of wagon maker. He came to Harrisburg in 1840, and was for a time employed by John Dimmick, who was engaged in manufacturing the "Woodcock Plough." He subsequently purchased the business and continued it until 1851 or 1852, at which date he relinquished the enterprise and established a shoe business on Market street, near the present entrance to the Pennsylvania railroad station, in which he was engaged until the fall of 1861, when he removed to a farm in Franklin county. In 1863 he returned to Harrisburg and for a year and a half was engaged in the shoe business at the corner of Fourth and Market streets, after which he removed his store to the new building he had erected on the corner of Fifth and Market and continued there until he retired from business in 1870. His death occurred in 1886. Mr. Leedy was one of the stockholders in the first Harrisburg Passenger Railway Company. He was somewhat active in political matters in connection with the Republican party, having served as a member of the city council from the Ninth ward. His church membership was formerly with the Locust Street Methodist Episcopal church, but later he joined the Ridge Avenue church, and was the chorister for some years. Mr. Leedy was married to Miss Louisa Peyton, daughter of Chambers Peyton, of Chambersburg, who survives him. They reared three sons and three daughters: William, shoe dealer, deceased; Margaret, Mrs. J. H. DeHaven, of Harrisburg; John W.; Laura, Mrs. A. C. Irvin, Washington, D. C.; Mary L., Mrs. W.. L. Calderword, Philadelphia; Daniel, Jr., deceased, a private in the United States army, afterwards in the shoe business in Harrisburg. John W. was born November 23, 1844, and received his education in the public schools. He was employed in his father's store until his retirement, in 1870, when he succeeded to the business, which he conducted for eighteen years. In 1888 he gave up the shoe business and embarked in the manufacturing of building and paving brick, in which enterprise he has been successfully engaged since that time, supplying the home demand and making large shipments to other towns. Mr. Leedy is not active in politics, but his sentiments are in agreement with the Republican party. He was married in 1866 to Miss Clara May, of Juniata county, who died in 1890. Their children are: Alda, Fannie, Louisa, Frank, and Mary. The family are members of the Ridge Avenue Methodist Episcopal church, in which Mr. Leedy holds the office of president of the board of trustees.

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