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MATHIAS, John, was born in York county, Pa., December 18, 1831. His grandparents had born to them a family of eight children: Peter, Henry, George, John, Jacob, Lena, Elizabeth, and Catharine, all of whom are deceased. Peter Mathias, his father, a son of John Mathias, who was a native of Germany and came at an early date to York county, was born there in 1800. He was a miller by occupation and acquired the ordinary education of that time. He married Henrietta Strine, of York county. They had six children: John; Nassese, born January 24, 1834, deceased; Charles Henry, born November 24, 1836, deceased; Susan, born December 26, 1837, deceased; Mary Ellen, born February 2, 1843, widow of Frederick Messenger, resides in York county; Sarah Jane, born December 10, 1845, wife of John Nanchtrup, living in the west.

John Mathias lived with his parents in York county until he was eighteen years of age, in1849, at which time the death of his father occurred. He had the usual opportunities for securing an education afforded by the public schools of the time. He was engaged first in the business of a saw mill and afterwards for a number of years in mercantile business. In 1862 he enlisted in company A, One Hundred and Sixty-sixth regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers, in which he served for nine months. In August, 1864, he enlisted for one year in company E, Ninth Pennsylvania cavalry, and served until the close of the war. He has taken an active interest in politics. He is also much interested in church work and was for many years connected with the United Brethren church. He gave the lot on which the first chapel was built in what is now known as Royalton, in 1875. On the same lot the Liberal church was erected in 1893. He was married, September 8, 1850 to Henrietta, daughter of Peter Repman, of York county. They had seven children: Elinor, born November 29, 1850, wife of Samuel Harvey, living at Canton, Ohio; Cyrus, born February 28, 1852, married Miss Emma France, by whom he had seven children, six of whom are living; Morris, born April 5, 1854, married Clara Sides, has three children, lives in Canton, Ohio; Priscilla, born November 7, 1857, wife of Joseph Myers, of York county, has one child; Mahala, born November 29,1859, deceased; Minerva, born January 31, 1862, wife of Kirk Snyder, of Royalton, has four children; Sarah Ellen, born August 26, 1864, wife of Gammiel Grove, of York county, has six children; Henrietta, wife of John Mathias, died June 8, 1865. He was married to his second wife, Susanna Eichelberger, widow of William Henry Eichelberger, February 27, 1866. They have had two children: Newton C., born December 27, 1867, died November 19, 1870, and Casper B., born October 11, 1870, married Elizabeth Cormely, has one child and resides in Royalton.

Mrs. Mathias had born to her, by her previous marriage with W.H. Eichelberger, five children : William Henry, who married Clara Moser and now resides in Royalton, they have three living children; Charles Edward, single and resides in Arizona; Emeline, wife of John Zimmerman, has two living children and resides in Middletown; John B. McLellan, died at the age of fifteen years; Alice Elizabeth, wife of George Cleland, who have five living children and reside in Royalton. William Henry Eichelberger served in company G, Sixth Pennsylvania volunteers, during the Rebellion and was killed while nobly serving in the defense of his country.


Historical Review of Dauphin County

Transcribed by Ronald Singer for the Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project

Date of Transcription: 06 March 6, 2001

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