MILLER, Charles A.
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MILLER, Charles A., city clerk of Harrisburg, and clerk of the common council, was born at Harrisburg, June 28, 1850. He is a son of Francis Xavier (more generally known as X.) Miller and Elizabeth (McMillan) Miller. His grandfather Miller was a native of Switzerland, and spent his life in his native land. His father, Francis X., was born in Tagerfelden, Canton Aargau, Switzerland. He came to America in 1842, and located in New York City, where he worked at his trade of shoemaking for three years. In 1845 he removed to Harrisburg, and engaged in business on his own account. He was well known as "X. Miller, the French boot and shoe maker." He was an expert at his business, having learned the trade in Paris, and did an extensive business for those days. Elizabeth A. (McMillan) Miller, mother of Charles A., was born at Round Top, Dauphin county, Pa., January 22, 1825. His parents were married at Harrisburg, in 1874, and had fourteen children, four only of whom lived to maturity: Charles A., Marcellus I., Francis X. and Clotilda Regina, wife of Capt. H. A. Perkins, late of the Governor's Troop, and now residing in New York City. She was born March 28, 1852, and died September 17, 1892.

Charles A. Miller received his education in the public schools and academy of Harrisburg, and is a graduate of the latter. His whole life has been spent in this city. He learned printing with the late George Bergner, and continued in this business for twenty years. In 1881 he was appointed foreman of the Harrisburg Telegraph, and efficiently filled this position until 1885. In that year he was elected to the State Legislature, and resigned his business position, that he might be free to devote his time and strength to the duties of his office. In March, 1887, Mr. Miller introduced the Star carpet cleaning business in Harrisburg, which was a new process for cleaning carpets. He continued in that business for four years. In 1891 he was appointed clerk of the common council, and shortly afterwards was elected city clerk, in joint convention; he is the first and only person who has ever filled that office. In addition to these offices Mr. Miller was also a member of the common council from 1880 to 1883, and in 1882 was chosen president of that body. He was a member of the select council from April, 1883, to December, 1884, resigning this office when elected to the Legislature. He was the first chairman of the joint committee of councils for arranging for the centennial celebration in 1885. He again served in the common council during 1888-89.

Mr. Miller was married at Harrisburg, October 16, 1879, to Rebecca Mauger, daughter of henry and Mary (Hummel) Mauger, born at Harrisburg, November 28, 1856. They have two daughters: Anna M., born December 28, 1880, and Mary Regina, born March 7, 1885. In political views Mr. Miller is a staunch Republican. The family attend the Messiah Lutheran church.


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