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MITCHELL, William, lawyer, son of Joseph and Elizabeth ( Zearing) Mitchell, was born September 17,1814 in Harrisburg, Pa. He was educated in Dickinson College preparatory school, and took a partial course in Dickinson College, where he studied civil engineering. He was prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas and clerk of the Quarter Sessions of Dauphin county for two terms, 1855-1861. He married, March 15, 1949, Angelica, daughter of Christian and Mary F. Ehrman, and their children are: Mary Augusta, who married Rev. S. Hubbard Hoover, William Sullivan, Ehrman Burkman, and Samuel Morton. Ehrman B. Mitchell, son of the foregoing, was born April 11, 1854, in Harrisburg, Pa. He was graduated from Dickinson College in 1874, and admitted to the Dauphin county bar in1875. He was elected prothonotary and clerk of the Quarter Sessions of Dauphin county in 1879 and re-elected in1882.


Historical Review of Dauphin County

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