MCKINNEY, Mordecai
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Mordecai McKinney

McKINNEY, Mordecai, son of Mordecai McKinney and Mary Chambers, daughter of Col. William Chambers, was born near Carlisle, Cumberland county, Pa., in 1796. He was educated at Dickinson College, where he graduated quite young. He studied law under Judge Duncan, of Carlisle, completing his instruction at Harrisburg, being admitted to the Dauphin county bar at the May term, 1817. In 1821 he was appointed district attorney of Union county, serving three years. In 1824 he was chosen clerk to the county commissioners of Dauphin county, and October 23, 1827, Governor Shulze appointed him one of the associate judges of the same county. Subsequently Judge McKinney turned his attention to the compilation of law books, and published “McKinney’s Digest,” “Our Government,” “Pennsylvania Tax Laws,” and other works of professional value. He died at Harrisburg on the 17th day of December, 1867, the result of injuries received from a street car three days previous. Mr. McKinney married Rachel Graydon, daughter of William Graydon, who died at Harrisburg, April 12, 1856. The Rev. Dr. Robinson so accurately summarizes the characteristics of Judge McKinney’s noble life that we cannot refrain from quoting him largely: “His life as a man and a citizen was completely transfused by his religion, sanctified and elevated by it. He was modest and unobtrusive in manners, free from all guile, a man of sterling honesty and conscientiousness. He was remarkably free from all taint of selfishness and all pride. Spending all his years in comparative poverty, no more contented, happy, and trusting man walked the streets of this city. As a citizen he was faithful to all obligations, a friend of all that was venerable and good, a defender of law, and a supporter of all that tended to the welfare of society. He was distinguished as a philanthropist. There was a nobleness about his loyalty to principle, to the cause of the poor, the oppressed, and the despised that might well command universal admiration.”

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