MULLER, John Geo.
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Muller, John George, son of Rudolph Muller (more frequently written Miller), was born September 21, 1715, in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland; emigrated with his family to America in 1752, and settled in Lebanon township, Lancaster county, Province of Pennsylvania. He took the oath of allegiance October 23, 1752. He had been an officer in the Swiss service, and when the French and Indian war broke out he was commissioned a lieutenant in Col. James Burdís regiment of Provincial forces, May 8, 1760 (see Pennía Arch., 2d ser., vol. ii., p. 605), promoted to a captaincy on the northern frontiers, October 2, 1764 (ib. p. 615). Captain Muller died April 19, 1765, in Lebanon township, leaving a wife Barbara Gloninger, who survived her husband several years, dying in 1783.


Transcribed by: Lynne Ranieri

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