MURRAY, John Jr.
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Murray, John, son of John Murray, was born about 1691, in Scotland; emigrated to the Province of Pennsylvania in 1732 in company with his brother and other friends. On the 10th of January, 1737, he obtained a land warrant from the proprietaries of Pennsylvania, and on the "14th of ye 9th month," 1739, had the same located upon two hundred acres and twelve perches of land adjoining the northwest side of "Swahatawro" (Swatara) creek, then in Hanover township, Lancaster county, Pa. Adam Read, an early settler and prominent in frontier times, held an adjoining tract on the north by improvement. On the 1st of March, 1744, John Murray obtained another warrant, which was located, about a year afterwards, east of the other tract, and between it and land of James Stewart. This latter tract is now within the limits of Lebanon county, the former, the homestead, being within the present bounds of Dauphin county, a short distance from Dixon’s Ford on the Swatara. The date of death or name of John Murray’s wife we have been unable to gather.


Transcribed by: Lynne Ranieri

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