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NAGLE, JOHN H., assistant foreman in the Hickok Manufacturing Company, was born in Lancaster county, Pa., May 11, 1851. He is a son of Emanuel and Sarah (Markley) Nagle. A sketch of his parents and grandparents appears elsewhere in this volume. He received his education in the public schools of Lancaster county. Before the age of fourteen he had been in various occupations. At that time his parents removed from Bainbridge to Collinís Station, Lancaster county. During the year 1865 he was employed as water boy, carrying water and tools for the "floating gang" on the railroad. In 1866 his parents removed to Middletown, Pa., where he found employment on the railroad during the summer months, and attended school in the winter. For two sessions he was in the high school. On April 5, 1869, he began an apprenticeship at the trade of machinist with William O. Hickok, and served three years and one month; he was then twenty-one years old. From that time until 1875 he worked as a journeyman machinist. In order to become more familiar with machinery and more skillful in its use, he spent four years as fireman on the Pennsylvania railroad, Middle division, between Harrisburg and Allentown, Pa. In 1879 he returned to Harrisburg and resumed work at his trade with his former employer, Mr. Hickok. In 1891 he was promoted to assistant foreman of the Hickok Companyís shop, the position which he now holds.

In 1888 Mr. Nagle was elected to the common council from the sixth ward of Harrisburg and served one term. He is an active member of the Knights of the Mystic Chain, No. 17; he has gone through all the chairss, and been conected with the order for eighteen years. He has also, for about five years, been a member of the Knights of Honor. In political views he is a Democrat. He is a member of the Lutheran church.

Mr. Nagle has been twice married. His first wife was Miss Jennie Feltz. Her father, John Feltz, was born in Dauphin county. When a young man he was a farmer, but later he learned shoemaking at which he worked for many years. For the past fourteen years he has been partially paralyzed and is comparatively helpless. He is at present proprietor of a boarding -house in Harrisburg. He is a Republican; and a member of the Lutheran church. He was married to Miss Leah Wagner. They had two daughters: Kate, wife of James Lusk, and Jennie, deceased. Mrs. Nagle belonged to the Lutheran church. She died, May 6, 1892, aged thirty-seven; she left three children, two of whom are living: Lillie, wife of John H. Forney, and John E. Leah E. died January 19, 1896, aged nineteen years and nine days.

Mr. Nagleís second marriage occurred October 18, 1894. He was then united to Mrs. Minnie Rhoads, widow of Levi Meyers, and daughter of George and Sarah (Glosser) Rhoads. They had one son, Chester L. George Rhoads was born in Perry county, Pa. He was employed by the railroad company in various capacities for forty-five years and finally retired on account of failing health. His wife was born in Perry county, Pa., and was a daughter of Conrad and Charlotta Glosser. They had fourteen children, eleven of whom are living: Mary, wife of Jacob Shellenberger; Minnie, wife of John H. Nagle; Emma. wife of John Shellenhammer; Edward; Frederick; George; Lottie, wife of John Thompson; Charles, Bennie; Nelson and Virginia. James was killed on the railroad at the age of twenty-two. Willie and Tillie died in infancy. Mr. Rhoads was a Democrat. He was a member of the Lutheran church.

The grandparents of the second Mrs. Nagle were both natives of Lancaster county. Her grandfather was employed on the railroad and was killed in an accident. He had five children, three of whom are living: Cyrus, Joseph and George. The grandfather died in March, 1891.



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