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NISSLEY, JOHN J., cashier of the Hummelstown National Bank, was born in Derry township, Dauphin county, Pa., October 22, 1832. He is a son of Christian and Nancy(Funck) Nissley. His grandfather, John Nissley, one of the very early settlers of Dauphin county, was a farmer and died in Derry township in 1836. His wife was Esther Ober, who died in Hummelstown in 1867, aged ninety-one years. They had two children: Christian, and a daughter, Francis, who married Daniel Neidig, became a widow, and afterwards married Abraham Landis, and settled in Derry township.

Christian Nissley was born in Derry township in 1806, and died in 1847. He was a farmer, miller and distiller. He took an active part in establishing the free school system and was elected the first school director in the township. He belonged to the old Whig party. He married Nancy Funck and had eight children: Mary, wife of Isaac Mumma, of Highspire; Rev. Joseph Nissley, of Derry township; John J.; Martin F., merchant in Hummelstown; Anna, of Middletown; S.R., practicing physican, of Elizabethtown; Lee H., of Middletown, formerly cashier of the bank of that town; and Capt. C.A., who died December 25, 1887; he was formerly a merchant in Hummelstown, but in 1862 enlisted as private in company C, One Hundred and Twenty-seventh regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers. He was transferred to company I, of the same regiment, and promoted to its captaincy.

John J. Nissley was reared in Derry township and educated in its common schools and at Chamberlain's Commercial College, Baltimore, Md. When he was twenty-one he and his brother, Capt. C.A. Nissley, came to Hummelstown and purchased the mercantile business of Col. George T.Hummel, which they conducted until 1868. In the management of this mercantile business Mr. Nissley recognized the need and opportunity of the conveniences which only a good bank can supply to the business community, and impressed with the belief that such a financial institution would be appreciated by business men, and would contribute to the prosperity and growth of the place, he organized a private bank, which became known as Hummelstown Bank, and which was prosperous from the start. His recognized success in this enterprise convinced the community of the desirableness of enlarging the capacity and scope of the bank, and , consequently, in 1882, a national bank was organized and Mr. Nissley was chosen as its cashier. This important position he has filled since that time, having full charge of the business of the bank, and administering its trusts in a manner that has inspired the utmost confidence of business men and has insured gratifying returns to the stockholders.

During his business career Mr. Nissley has found time to look after other commercial and industrial enterprising, which have promoted the welfare of the place. In 1856 he became secretary of the Hummelstown Fire Insurance Company, serving as its secretary and manager until 1893, when he was succeeded by his son, and he is also a charter member and a director of the Hummelstown Brownstone Company.

While industriously and intelligently employed in promoting the material prosperity of himself and community Mr. Nissley has not been unmindful or negligent of his higher and spiritual interests. In 1860 he became a member of the Reformed church on public profession of his faith, and from the beginning of his religious life has been active and devoted in the performance of his duties. He was early called into the office of the eldership and for years has been the superintendent of the Sunday-school. He has frequently been the representative of the local church in the higher ecclesiastical bodies and takes an active part in the general business and enterprises of his denomination, bestowing upon these matters , which are of a business character, the same distinguished ability and fidelity which have characterized him in his business career. Few, if any, men of his denomination are more widely or favorably known or have been honored with as important trusts as those which have been placed in Mr. Nissley's hands. In 1870 he was made a member of the board of trustees of the Eastern Synod of the Reformed Church in the United States of America and he has also filled the responsible position of treasurer of that synod for twenty years.

Mr. Nissley has been for many years one of the board of trustees of the Theological Seminary at Lancaster. He is a prominent member of the joint Board of Home Missions of the Eastern and Potomac Synod, receiving and dispersing all the money of this board as its treasurer, and has discharged these duties at a cost of much personal care and outlay of money with a willing and cheerful spirit. In early manhood he was a supporter of the Know-Nothing party, but united with the Republican party at its organization.

In 1856 Mr. Nissley was married to Miss Kate, daughter of John Ubil, of York county. They have two children: Annie L., who married Rev. J.F. Moyer, pastor of the Reformed church of Altoona, Pa., and has one child, Ruth Nissley; J. Paul, born May 7, 1869, educated in the borough schools and at Harrisburg, is a clerk in the Hummelstown National Bank, was married in February 1894, to Miss Caroline L., daughter of Dr. Thomas G. Fox, of Hummelstown.. The deceased children of John J. and Kate Nissley are: Ada Virginia, wife of Burd Zell, died in 1884, and Grace, boen September 28, 1876, died June 21, 1879.