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PLAMBECK, Joachim Hartewig William, merchant tailor, was born in Marlow, a small town in the province of Mechlenburg Schwerin, Germany, March 12, 1850. He is a son of Joachim Frederick Christopher and Maria Magdalena Augursta (Juchstock) Plambeck. Joachim Juchstock, Maternal grandfather of Mr. Plambeck, had a family of three children: Fritz, William and Maria Magdalena Augusta.

J.F.C. Plambeck, father of J.H.W. Plambeck is one of a family of two, the other being Mary, who died at about eighteen years of age. Mr. Plambeck was born October 23, 1802. His wife, Maria M. A. Juchstock, was born October 26, 1816, and survives him. Two of their children are deceased, a son bearin ght same name as J.F.C. Plambeck, and a daughter Mary: both died in childhood. The surviving children are: Helena, widow of Christian Daden; Fritz, married, and has four children: Wilhelmine, wife of Heinrich; Brudigam; Joachim H. W.; Eliza, wife of Fritz Nillers; Johanna, wife of Fritz Wendt, and August Plambec, blacksmith.

Joachim H. W. Plambeck was carefully trained and instructed in the public schools of his native place until he was fourteen, when he began an apprenticeship at tailoring with George Thomas, in the city of Rostock, Mechlenburg. His term of indenture ended June 15, 1868, and he then worked as a journeyman in various places until 1872, when he began military service in an artillery regiment of the ninth army corps in the field. His three years term of serves having expired, he resumed work as a journeyman tailor at several places in Germany up to 1882. He then yielded to his strong desire to see the land of free institutions, leaving Germany September 13, 1882, and landing at New York, September 27, 1882. He settled at Millersburg, and was employed as a journeyman by Frederick R. Gilbert until December 12, 1884, when he began business on his own account, and by his through knowledge of his trade, and his honorable dealing, he has built up a large and profitable business.

Mr. Plambeck is an ardent admirer of the Americans and their liberal institutions, and became a naturalized citizen September 30, 1889; he is as loyal and patriotic as any native born citizen. He began his business career as a stranger and without capital, and has attained to the enviable success he enjoys solely by his own skill and diligence. In political views Mr. Plambeck is not identified with any party, but holds neutral ground. He attends the religious services of the Lutheran church.


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