PORTER, George
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PORTER, GEORGE W., M. D., was born in Huntingdon, Pa., March 9, 1825, son of David R. and Josephine (McDermott) Porter. He was reared and educated in his native place up to his fourteenth year, and subsequently took a regular college course, graduating from Lafayette College in the class of 1846. His preceptor in the study of medicine was Dr. Robb, then resident physician of the Eastern Penitentiary, and subsequently he attended lectures of the University of Pennsylvania, from which institution he was graduated in 1850. He at once began the practice of medicine at Harrisburg, in which he continued over twenty years and then retired. James Buchanan appointed him postmaster in 1857, and Governor Pollock made him trustee of the Hospital for the Insane, in which office he served thirteen years. He was designated as prison inspector in 1883, and in January, 1893, was made secretary of the board. Dr. Porter is a Republican in politics, but up to the time of the war had been a Democrat. He was a warm personal friend of General Grant, and was active in promoting his election to the Presidency. Dr. Porter was drafted for service in the army, but was rejected on account of impaired health. He took an active part in the freeing of the slaves. Since 1877 he has been identified with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, being a prominent and active representative of the Pennsylvania branch of that society. The Doctor is largely interested in farming. Before the incorporation of this city he served as school director. He has been in the city since 1839 but has held no city office. The Grant and Hartranft Club made him president of the organization and in this and other ways he was active in the work of the Republican party.

Dr. Porter was married in 1854 to Miss Emily Reily, daughter of Dr. Luther Reily, of Harrisburg. She died September 1, 1889. They reared six children: George W., paymaster of New York Central railroad, resides at New York; Rebecca R., wife of Dr. W. Trout, of Spring Lake Beach, N. J.; Caroline Reily, wife of Melancthon S. Holwell, Harrisburg; Josephine, wife of William B. Hammond, of Harrisburg: Emma, wife of Lieut. John M. Payer, of Navy Yard, Washington, D. C., and Elizabeth Reily, unmarried. Dr. Porter attends the Presbyterian church and was formerly a trustee and has retired from active church work.


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