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RAMBLER, Robert A., M. D., was born in East Hanover township, Dauphin county, Pa., April 15, 1858. He is a son of the late Henry B. and Mary A. (Wallower) Rambler. Leonard Rambler, Dr. Rambler’s grandfather, was a native of Dauphin county, and a farmer. He married Miss Priscilla Bacastoe, of Dauphin county. They had these children, three of whom are living: Mary, wife of Moses Early; Elias; Priscilla, wife of Benjamin Gingerede. Their deceased children were: John, Leonard, Michael B., and their sister Jane, first wife of Benjamin Gingrich. The grandfather died August 17, 1870, aged seventy-six; the grandmother died March 4, 1885, aged eighty, just fifteen years later than her husband.


Henry B. Rambler was born in Dauphin county, and was for many years a farmer. His wife, Mary A. Wallower, daughter of John and Catherine Wallower, was born October 7, 1835, and was married in the year 1855 to Mr. Rambler. They had two sons, Dr. Robert A., of Harrisburg, Pa., and Galen M., of Middletown, Pa. Late in life Mr. Rambler engaged in the hotel business at Palmyra, Pa; he died one year after, aged fifty-two. His wife still lives, and resides with her son, Dr. Rambler. He was a member of the Lutheran church, at Shellsville, Dauphin county; in his political views was a Democrat.


Robert A. Rambler attended the public schools of his native county. At the age of eighteen he went to Philadelphia, in 1880 he entered Jefferson Medical College, from he received his degree three years later. He at once opened an office in Harrisburg, on the same street where he now resides, and where he has ever since been engaged in the duties of his profession. By his genial and affable manner, his superior skill and devotion to his patients, he has built up a large practice. His professional services are much sought after. On May 4, 1889, he was appointed medical examiner for the Baltimore Mutual Aid Society; in 1895 he received a similar appointment from the Bay State Beneficiary Society, Boston, Mass. In the same year he was appointed medical examiner for the Mutual Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia.


Dr. Rambler was married, in December 1882, to Miss Lizzie, daughter of Herman and Mary (Reiger) Turby. They have no children. He is a member of K. of P., No. 59. The Doctor and Mrs. Rambler are members of the Messiah Lutheran church, Harrisburg. His politics are Democratic.


The grandparents of Mrs. Rambler were farmers of Dauphin county. Six of their family of seven children are living: William; Mary, Mrs. Herman Turby; Rebecca, wife of Aaron Shertzer; Eliza, wife of Jacob Rank; Philip, and Louisa, wife of John Miller, of Kansas. Samuel died, 1894, aged sixty-five years. Both grandparents were members of the Reformed church, at Palmyra. The grandfather was a Republican. He died, December 22, 1879, aged seventy-eight, and his widow died September 27, 1887, aged eight-four years.


Herman Turby, Mrs. Rambler’s father, was a native of Germany. He came to this county, May 29, 1808, at the age of twenty-eight years, and after working for some years among the farmers became a foreman in the lime business. His wife, Miss Mary Reiger, was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Reiger. They had seven children, four of whom are living: Lizzie A., Mrs. Dr. Rambler; Emma, wife of Abraham Demuth; William and Charles. Their deceased children are Harry and Edy. The mother of Mrs. Rambler was born in Dauphin county, and now resides in Lebanon county.



Historical Review of Dauphin County

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