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RHOADS, JAMES M., was born at Harrisburg, December 7, 1854. His father, Daniel Rhoads, was a well-known and honored resident of Dauphin county. He held several important civil offices. He was the first high constable of Harrisburg. In later years he was engaged in the lime business in this city. His mother was Susan Russell. The surviving children of the family are: John, residing in Philadelphia; Thomas, residing in Harrisburg; Adeline, wife of Samuel Black, residing in Baltimore; Joseph E., Daniel H., James M., and Charles H. James M. received the advantages of a public school education in Harrisburg, where he spent his life, with the exception of six years which he spent in Philadelphia. After leaving school he was engaged at the plating trade for four years. after this, he engaged in the sale of building sand, in which he still continues, in connection with other enterprises, especially the brick manufacture, conducted by the enterprising firm of Bigler & Co., of which he is a member. In 1874 he removed to Philadelphia, where he spent six years as foreman of car inspection of Pennsylvania Gas Coal Company. In 1880 he returned to Harrisburg, and has held continuous residence here since that date. He is one of the progressive business men of Harrisburg, and has aided substantially in the development of some important enterprises, which has materially benefitted the city and county. He was married in Philadelphia to Ella Jane Sparks, daughter of George W.and Elisa Jane Sparks. Their children are Irene C., Elisa and James C.B. In political views he is a liberal. The family attend the Memorial Lutheran church.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

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