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ROBERTS, EDMUND WILSON, M.D., youngest son of John Roberts, was born about 1806, at Washington, Pa. He was a graduate of Yale College. His brother, Dr. James Roberts, born in 1780, at Washington, first located at Harrisburg, subsequently removed to Peoria, Ill., where he died in 1834. While at Harrisburg, his youngest brother, Edmund W., came there and studied medicine under his care, subsequently graduating from the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania. He afterwards located at Harrisburg, and entered upon a successful career in the practice of his profession. He died at Harrisburg, November 10, 1865, at the age of fifty-eight years. Dr. Roberts married Caroline Ross, daughter of Andrew Ross and Hannah Templin, of Washington City, and a sister of Robert J. Ross, of Harrisburg; she died January 23, 1877, at Newburg, N.Y,; buried at Harrisburg. They had two children: Mary, died in 1867, at Harrisburg, married Rev. B.B. Leacock, D.D., of the Episcopal Church; Dr. Robert Ross, died April 4, 1875, at Harrisburg, at the age of thirty-seven, who rose to eminence in his profession, married Miss Foote, daughter of Judge Foote, of the State of New Yorkl, and they left two children.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

Sidney, Indiana page 356-357