ROSE, Harvey
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ROSE, HARVEY J., division operator, Middle division, Pennsylvania railroad, was born at Harrisburg, July 6, 1854. The Rose family to which he belongs were among the early settlers of Dauphin county. For many years the grandfather Rose kept a well known tavern called the "Bullís Head." Samuel, the father of Harvey J., was of English ancestry, and his mother, Elizabeth (Eisenberger) Rose, was of German ancestry; both were born in Cumberland county. Their family consisted of five children, three of whom survive: Lillie J., Harvey J., and Edward F. The father was accidentally killed by the cars in the Pennsylvania railroad yard, when returning from a shooting excursion. The mother still survives and lives in Harrisburg.

Harvey J. attended the public schools of this city. From 1868 to 1871 he was employed as messenger boy by the Western Union Telegraph Company. He learned telegraphy in the Northern Central Railway Companyís office at Bridgeport, opposite Harrisburg, and was in the employment of this company under the late Simon Cameron Wilson, superintendent of telegraph of Northern Central line between Canandaigua and Baltimore, until August 1, 1876. While working in the superintendentís office at Harrisburg, he was transferred to the Middle division, and worked as operator until October, 1889, when he was appointed division operator. While with the Northern Central railway he worked every office, both night and day, between Sunbury and Baltimore; and also different offices on the Baltimore and Potomac railroad when it first opened, and was controlled by the Northern Central Railraod Company. In his present position he has charge of the telegraph operators, numbering nearly two hundred; of the telegraph repairmen, and the construction and maintenance of the telegraph and telephone lines of the entire length of the division, which includes one hundred and thirty- two miles. There are twelve hundred miles of wire with sixty-five telegraph offices, twenty-four of which are interlocking cabins. The telephone system at Harrisburg, connecting the different offices throughout the extensive yards, was put up and installed under his supervision, and is one of the most complete on the entire Pennsylvania railroad. He also has charge of the linemen and electric signal men between Harrisburg and Altoona. He had charge of the Voluntary Relief Department of the Middle division, Pennsylvania railroad, the first six months of its career, and he walked over the entire division, explaining the rules and regulations of this department to the employees.

Mr. Rose was married at Harrisburg, June 23, 1879, to Miss Margaret C. Kosher, daughter of John and Lucy A. Kosher, of Harrisburg. Their union has been blessed with six children: Nellie C., Lucy B., Harvey J., Edward W., Margaret C., and Fanny C. In politics he affiliates with the Democratic party. He and his family attend the Episcopal church. The business record of Mr. Rose is his eulogy, and the confidence and esteem of the community, which he enjoys, is a rich reward for his virtues and excellencies.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

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