ROSS, Joseph
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ROSS, Joseph, was born July 14, 1798, at Elizabethtown, Pa.; died January 26, 1863, at Middletown, Pa. At a proper age he went to Harrisburg, Pa., to learn the mercantile business. Afterwards he engaged in said occupation in that place, and then moved to Middletown, where he continued keeping store till near the close of his life. In the year 1824 he became acquainted with Rev. John Winebrenner, who visited Middletown to preach the gospel, and under him became converted. At the first opportunity he identified himself with the Church of God, being one of the original members of that denomination in Middletown, where he continued to be among its most active workers until his death. His name appears as a ruling elder in the journal of the Fourth Annual Eldership, held at Middletown, December 25, 1833. He was licensed to preach at the Seventh Annual Eldership which convened at Churchtown, Cumberland county, November 5, 1836. At the time of his death he was a member of the board of publication and treasurer of the General Eldership as well as treasurer of the East Pennsylvania Eldership. He traveled and labored in the ministry, at protracted and other meetings, "without money and without price," and was an eminently successful revival preacher. His liberality and benevolence were all well known at home, and in all the churches. His warmth of heart and affection made him beloved by all his acquaintances. He was a strict disciplinarian, and a great lover of order. Besides, lie carried his religion into his business, being scrupulously truthful and honest in all his dealings, loving justice and hating sin in every form. He was devotedly attached to the doctrines of the Church of God, fearlessly defended them, and worked actively to establish them. Mr. Ross married, in 1822, Catherine Kunkel, daughter of Christian Kunkel, of Harrisburg. She was born December 22, 1803, and died in 1896 in the ninety-third year of her age.



Historical Review of Dauphin County

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Date of Transcription: 25 February 2001

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