SANCKEY, Richard
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SANCKEY, Rev. Richard, a native of the north of Ireland, was born about 1712. He studied theology at Glasgow under Principal Stirling, and came to America in the summer of 1735. He was taken on trial by Donegal Presbytery the 7th of October same year, licensed October 13, 1736, and sent to the church on Manada creek. This congregation is first mentioned in October, 1735, Lazarus Stewart appearing to supplicate in its behalf the next year. The Rev. William Bertram, of Derry, moderated the call which was brought to the Presbytery for Mr. Sanckey by John Cunningham and Robert Green, June 22, 1737. From that time onward the congregation is styled Hanover. Mr. Sanckey accepted August 31, 1737, but it appearing that his trial sermon was transcribed out of books to give a false idea of his ministerial powers, and contained most dangerous errors, the Presbytery rebuked him and delayed his ordination. The Rev. George Gillespie remonstrated with the Synod not to countenance such levity especially as Mr. Sanckey had sent the notes to Henry Hunter, "who had preached them to his own overthrow." Hunter had passed himself off as an ordained minister of the New Light Presbytery of Antrim in the bounds of Lewes Presbytery, and the Synod finding his credentials of license genuine, but that he had not been ordained, that he had been guilty of prevarication, and also that money had been given him to go to the Bishop of London for orders, resolved, nem. con., not to countenance him, especially as there was "ground to suspect his principles," until he had gone through the ordinary course of trials in some of their Presbyteries. He acquiesced; and coming before Newcastle Presbytery with notes stolen from heretical divines, he was rejected. The Synod blamed the Presbytery of Donegal for not taking notice in their minutes of Rev. Sanckey’s plagiarism, or censuring him on that account, but as he had been sharply rebuked, and his ordination delayed a considerable time, they declined to lay any other burden on him. He was ordained August 31, 1738. For a period of twenty-one years Mr. Sanckey continued in the pastoral care of Hanover church. On June 6, 1758, having received a call to the congregation of Buffalo, in Virginia, and designing to remove there, he applied for and received his credentials from the Presbytery. Accompanied by many of the Hanover people, he removed in 1760, where he joined the Hanover Presbytery, and served his congregation faithfully and well. He presided at the opening of the Synod of Virginia in 1785; lived to a good old age, respected by his people and his brethren in the ministry. We have endeavored to secure additional information in regard to him, date of his death, etc., but have failed.



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