SHOOP, James
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SHOOP, Rev., James, pastor of the United Brethren church, Berrysburg, Pa., was born in Jefferson township, Dauphin county, Pa., October 17, 1840. John Shoop, the grandfather, was born in Lykens Valley and was of Swiss descent. He removed to Jackson township, where he followed farming. He married Elizabeth Cooper. They both passed away in Jackson township and both were members of the Lutheran church. In politics he was an old line Whig. George, the father, was born in Jackson township in 1812. He acquired a fair education in the German schools and became a farmer, owning and cultivating a farm of two hundred acres, on which he operated extensively in raising stock. In clearing land and making a farm with all its improvements, he was a typical pioneer, and also had another characteristic of that honored class, he was a good shot and loved to hunt. He married Rachel Suergard, born in Armstrong Valley. Their children are: Andrew, William, James, Samuel, Elias, Philip, Harvey, John, Adam, Amanda, Nathan, and Emma. Mr. Shoop took an active part in political matters and was a Whig in his views. He was a member of the United Brethren church and a practical Christian, looking faithfully after the welfare of his home and family. He died in Jefferson township in 1864. His wife survives him and is living at Carsonville, at the ripe old age of eighty years and is still active in church matters.

James received only a limited education as he began farm work in earnest when nine years of age, and was employed on the homestead until he was twenty years old, at which time he left home and worked as a farm laborer for one year, and then returned to the homestead and worked three years longer. In February, 1865, he enlisted at Harrisburg in company H, One Hundred and Ninety-second regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers, Capt. Peter Bergstresser, Col. W. W. Stewart, and spent seven months in the service, being discharged at Harper’s Ferry, September, 1865. Upon returning from the army he took up the study of theology and began preaching. He was ordained to the ministry by the annual conference, met at Belleview in 1869. His first charge was the Belleview circuit, and then followed Germanville, Sinking Springs, Pine Grove, Lykenstown mission, Valley View circuit and Allentown station, spending two years in each of these appointments. He was elected presiding elder at Pine Grove conference and for five years was located at Carsonville, then he had the Avon circuit one year and Lebanon one year, after which he was elder again for five years, being elected at the Elizabethville conference, and residing at Lebanon during the term. After one year on the Valley View circuit he was stationed at Berrysburg, and has that charge at the present time. He has greatly strengthened the charge, adding to the membership and improving the property. His preaching ability is acknowledged and his personal worth appreciated by grateful people. Mr. Shoop was married, in Berrysburg in 1867, to Sarah A. Hoy, born in Mifflin township in 1848; daughter of Peter Hoy, farmer, in that township. Their children are: Curtin A., Emma E., Harvey E., William H., Elmer H., and Sadie. In politics he is a Prohibitionist..



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