SHOPE, Adam J.
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SHOPE, Rev. Adam J., cherishes a laudable pride in his name, because it was borne by his paternal grandfather, whose exemplary character and life inspired his live and reverence. The Scotch-Irish blood flows in his veins and it has ever been his aim in life to be a worthy scion of that stock so prolific of good and great men. At the time of his birth his parents, John A., and Elizabeth (Stout) Shope, were residents of Lancaster county, Pa. Their other children are : Catharine, who married Daniel Baum, and resides in Linglestown; Nancy, who married David E. Brehm, and is living in Astoria, Ills., and Esther, who married Daniel Crum.

Adam J. spent the greater part of his younger days on the farm in Lower Paxton township on which he now resides. He pursued the usual course in the common schools of the township, and secured the training and information which the bright and industrious pupil ordinarily receives from such advantages. That his moral and spiritual nature was developed along with his physical and intellectual faculties is shown by readiness and desire in early manhood to make a public profession of religion. He united with the German Baptist church (Old Brethren) and his life and conversation were consistent with the vows he had taken. Early in his Christian course he showed an intelligent and devout spirit which qualified him to be a spiritual leader. Two years after he had united with the church his brethren recognized his aptitude for spiritual affairs and elected him deacon. He accepted this trust, and for ten years served efficiently and acceptably in this responsible position. His spirituality and conspicuous concern for the rescue of the perishing led the church to install him into the ministry of the Gospel of Christ. This was done by vote of the whole church, as is the invariable order of this fraternity. He has proved himself to be an able minister of the Word, and has been a zealous and successful worker in the cause of his Master.

At the age of twenty years Mr. Shope was married to Mary, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Litchey) Wenger, who has been an efficient helper and wise counselor in his parochial work. Thirteen children have been born to them, six of whom died young. Their living children are : Katie, wife of Elias Kauffman; Elmer, who married Melinda Baum; Samuel, who married Ellen Miller; Lizzie, wife of John H. Walter; Ida, wife of John H. Fackler, and two who are yet single.


Historical Review of Dauphin County

Transcribed by Ronald Singer for the Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project

Date of Transcription: 16 March 2001

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