STINE, Daniel
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STINE, Daniel P.

Stine, Daniel P., farmer and manufacturer, was born in Lykens township, Dauphin county, Pa., March 27, 1822. Frederick Stine, his grandfather, was born in Germany, and came to the United States in 1775, when he was a young man. He fought in the Revolution on the side of the English. After the war he settled in Berks county, wher he remained for some time. He removed to Lykens Valley in 1788, took up five hundred acres of land, bought some besides, and was extensively engaged in farming and stock raising. He also worked at his trade, masonry, in the valley. He married Abigail Lamm, born in Berks county. Their children were: Elizabeth; Rosanna; Catherine; and John P. Frederick Stine died in Lykens township, April 24, 1832. His wife had died in October, 1823. He was a Democrat, and both he and his wife were members of the German Reformed church.

John P. Stine, father of Daniel, was born in Berks county in 1784. He had a good German education, and also received some training in English schools. He owned a farm of three hundred and twenty acres, on which he built a dwelling house, barn and other needful structures, in which he carried on a general business in farming. John P. Stines was married, in Lykens township, to Regina Coleman, born in Lykens township in 1795; daughter of Charles Coleman, a farmer of that township. Their children were: Daniel P.; Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Retzman; Abigail, wife of Joseph D. Frehn; Peter L., merchant, Elizabethville; Jonas, engineer at Pottsville; Josiah, farmer and tanner, Washington township, Dauphin county; and Catherine, Frederick, Ellen, John, Charles, Isaac, and Ann Myra, all deceased. Mr. Stine died in Lykens township in 1854; Mrs. Stine died in Gratz in 1878. They were members of the Reformed church, in which Mr. Stine was deacon, elder and trustee. He was a Democrat, and held several township offices. He was prominent in business and in social matters, and was esteemed as an honorable, worthy man; of intelligent and public spirit.

Daniel Stine attended German schools in his township and also Engliash subscription schools, but the whole extent of his school days was not more than six months. He began working on the farm at eight years of age and continued with his father until he was of age, assisting in clearing the land and in the work of cultivation. At Twenty-one years of age Mr. Stine began business for himself. He bought a shop in Gratz, hired a harness maker and learned harness making with him. He then carried on this trade in Gratz for eight years. After this he bought a farm of fifty-acres in Schuylkill county, which he improved and cultivaterd for four years, and then sold. He bought the homestead, consisting of eighty-nine acres, in 1854, paying $3,500 for it, built a fine barn on it, which cost $1,700, and made other improvements. He worked at harness making in winter and was reasonably successful in his business. He has been assessor and supervisor in his township. He is a Democrat.

Daniel P. Stine was married, in Schuylkill county, August 27, 1844, to Catherine Strong, born in that county, June 13, 1820; daughter of John and Mary C. (Carl) Strong. Their children are Mary J., born July 20, 1845, wife of P.J. Artz; and Amelia B., born November 28, 1847, wife of David Dietz, on the homestead. Mr. Stine is both grandfather and great-grandfather. His grandchildren of the family of P.J. and Mary Artz are: Jennie C., Ida M., Daniel S., Lizzie K., and Austin C. The children of David and Amelia Dietz are: H.E. and Katie R. His descendants of the fourth generation are: John G., Beulah E., and Flossie C. Moyer. Mr Stine is a member of the Reformed church, has been deacon, and is elder and trustee.


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