STINE, Milton H.
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STINE, Rev. Milton H., Ph. D., pastor of Christ's Lutheran church, Harrisburg, Pa., was born in York county, Pa., September 4, 1853, son of Adam and Barbara (Schoenberger) Stine.

Charles Stine, paternal grandfather of Rev. M. H. Stine, was a native of Wurtemberg, Germany, and came to this country early in the present century. He was a musician and a teacher of music. He had a family of six children. Adam Stine, father of Rev. Milton H., was born in Germany, near Wittenberg, and came to this country when quite young. He learned the business of tailoring in New York City, and was engaged in that occupation until within a few years of his death, when he retired from active business. He was married December 5, 1841; his wife Barbara, daughter of Henry Schoenberger, was also a native of Germany. Their children are: Rebecca, not married, resides at York, Pa.; Rev. M. H.; Henrietta, died October 23, 1851, aged nine years; Annie D., died October 24, 1857, aged two years. Mr. Stine and his family were members of the Lutheran Church. He died in York county, January 18, 1896, aged seventy-nine; his wife died at the same place, June 13, 1890, aged seventy-seven.

Milton H. Stine attended the public schools of York county until he was thirteen years of age, after which he was for three years a pupil in the York County Academy. He strongly desired a liberal education, in order to enter one of the learned professions, but having few resources to depend upon besides his own efforts, was obliged to plan and work to obtain it. He took a winter school when he was sixteen, employing the summer months in helping with the farm work, and studying during his leisure hours. After three terms of teaching, with intervening periods of study, he was prepared to enter college. In 1873 he began a classical course at Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., which he pursued for a short time, when, an opportunity to become a teacher in the academy being offered, he accepted, and became professor where he had formerly been a pupil, and for one year performed the duties of the position very creditably; after which he re-entered college, and was graduated in 1877. He subsequently took the regular course at the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, which he completed in 1880, and in the same year was ordained to the ministry.

Mr. Stine's first charge was the church at Maytown, Lancaster county, Pa., where he continued with good success for two and a half years, during which time he received a call to the pastorate of a large Methodist congregation in New England, which he declined. On May 1,1883, he began his work as pastor of the Seventh Street church, Lebanon, Pa., in which his marked ability as preacher and pastor was manifest in the enlargement and general prosperity of the church. During the nine years of his connection with this congregation, the membership was greatly increased, a new church edifice with a seating capacity of seven hundred was erected, and a commodious and beautiful parsonage was built. While in this pastorate, Rev. Mr. Stine made two trips to foreign countries; during the first of which he spent three months in visiting Europe, Egypt and Palestine, and seeing during the second the principal places of interest in England. He is the author of two interesting books, one published in 1888, entitled "Studies on the Religious Problems of Our Country," and the second, published in 1890, entitled "A Winter Jaunt Through Historic Lands;" both of which disclose a high degree of literary talent. He is also a correspondent of several periodicals, for which his articles find ready acceptance.

In 1892 Rev. Mr. Stine took charge of the First English Lutheran church, at Los Angeles, Cal., but at the end of three years, his pastorate in that beautiful city was terminated by the declining health of his father, which necessitated his return to the East. In 1895 he was called to his present pastorate, that of Christ Lutheran church, Harrisburg, at Thirteenth street and Thompson avenue, with parsonage at 1311 Derry street. Here he finds a promising field for the exercise of his best powers, and here abundant fruits begin to appear. In 1896 formal recognition of the scholarship and literary attainments of Mr. Stine was made by the bestowment upon him of the honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Rev. Dr. Stine was married, at Mechanicsburg, Pa., June 26, 1880,to Miss Mary, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Shaeffer) Altland. They have two sons; Charles, born October 18, 1882, and Walter, born March I8, 1888.

Dr. Stine is a member of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics and of the Knights of Malta.

Mrs. Stine, wife of Rev. Dr. Stine, was born December 15, 1860. Her father, Daniel Altland, was born August 19, 1834. In his younger days he taught school, but the greater part of his business life was spent in mercantile pursuits. He was married, in July, 1856, to Elizabeth, daughter of George and Elizabeth Shaeffer. Besides Mary (Mrs. Stine) they had two sons, Alfred D. and F. M., both in mercantile pursuits, in Dillsburg, York coulity, Pa.

Rev. Daniel Altland, grandfather of Mrs. Stine, was a native of York county, and learned the trade of a carpenter. He lived where his ancestors had lived for 165 years. Some of the Altlands were soldiers in the Revolutionary war.




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