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WALBORN, LEVI, retired farmer, was born near Millersburg, Upper Paxton township, dauphin county, Pa., July 24, 1858; son of Henry and Barbara (Lebo) Walborn. Henry Walborn, who was a son of Daniel Walborn, was born October 17, 1817, and died January 9, 1868. His wife, Barbara Lebo, was born April 4, 1823, and died August 8, 1895. Their children were: Sophia, born November 24, 1848, died March 12, 1859; Uriah, born February 17, 1855, died April 3, 1859; Abraham, born June 8, 1854, died March 24, 1866; Henry L., born April 22, 1844; Lavinia, born August 24, 1856, wife of Joseph Henninger; Jeremiah E., born November 24, 1860.

Levi Walborn in early boyhood attended the public school, but his father dying when the boy was but ten years old, his help on the farm was so needed that for the next five years he had only an occasional winter’s term at school. After he was fifteen he was for some years hired out among the farmers. Finally he went West as far as Nebraska in search of profitable employment and a good locality for farming. Not finding any place in the West that suited him, he returned to Dauphin county, and purchased of Rev. Joseph Young a farm of one hundred and twelve acres, in Upper Paxton township, upon which he began farming on his own account, and continued there six years, after which he bought the Jesse Seal farm, near Millersburg, containing thirty-two acres. The fine improvements, excellent condition, and attractive appearance of Mr. Walborn’s farms show him to be a skillful husbandman and an enterprising business man. In 1887 he removed to his farm near Millersburg, where he lived three years, and then purchased the modern dwelling in Millersburg in which he now resides.

Mr. Walborn was married, February 2, 1882, to Sarah Agnes, daughter of Jesse and Caroline (Beard) Seal, born June 23, 1859. They have seven children: Charles L., born May 6, 1883; Jesse Blaine, born June 5, 1884, died December 24, 1891; Elmer E., born November 9, 1885; George Mark, born December 29, 1886; Roscoe Irvin, born May 30, 1891; Lottie Irene, born January 25, 1893; Florence Mabel, born February 20, 1894; died September 20, 1894. Mr. Walborn holds Republican views; he is at present serving his second term in the town council. He is a member in good standing in Commandery, No. 133, K. of M., at Millersburg. The family attend Grace United Evangelical church.

Jesse Seal, father of Mrs. Walborn, was born February 20, 1806; son of George and Margaret (Steever) Seal, and died March 20, 1882. His wife, Caroline Beard, was born December 18, 1831, and she survives him. They had three children: Ira B., died May 7, 1885; Charles F., born October 1, 1856; and Sarah Agnes, Mrs. Walborn.

What a bright and honest boy can do when thrown upon his own resources is shown in the life of Mr. Walborn. He began at the age of fifteen, with little aid of money or influential friends at the start, but gradually winning both by his prudent course.

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