WALLIS, Robert
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WALLIS, Robert, liveryman, was born in Perry county, Pa., October 5, 1834. He is a son of William and Sarah (Jones) Wallis.

Robert Wallis, grandfather of the present Robert Wallis, was born in Scotland. He was a shoemaker, and pursued that vocation throughout his wife. He died in Juniata county, Pa., aged ninety-six. He married Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh McDonald. They had six children: James, William, John, Samuel, Erwin D., and Sarah, wife of Andrew McKnight. His wife died in Juniata county, at the age of ninety-four. Both paternal grandparents were of Scotch descent.

Mr. Wallis' maternal grandparents, Nathan and Rebecca (Gilfillan) Jones, were of Welsh extraction, and came to this country at an early day. The grandfather was a millwright. They had five children: Edwin; Sarah; Rebecca, wife of Samuel Jordan; Gibson and Nathan. Mr. and Mrs. Jones spent their lives by the Juniata river, and died where they had lived. They were members of the Lutheran church.

William Wallis, father of Robert Wallis, was born in Juniata county, Pa., in 1801. He learned coopering, and worked at that trade for about twelve years. His wife, Sarah Jones, was also a native of Juniata county. They had thirteen children, four of whom are living: twins, William and Sarah, wife of Jacob Holman; Robert and John. Their deceased children are: Margaret, died in 1846, wife of J. C. Werich; Jackson, died in August, 1850, aged twenty-six; Foster, died in September, 1851, aged twenty-six; Elizabeth, died in November, 1895, aged sixty-six; Rebecca, died in 1839, aged eight years; and four children who died in infancy. Mr. William Wallis removed to Liverpool, Pa., in 1828, and engaged in mercantile business; he was also a shipper of grain and produce to Baltimore and Philadelphia, by his own boats. He died January 11, 1855, aged fifty-five, and was buried at Liverpool. He was a Democrat. He and his wife were members of the Lutheran church. She died in 1881, at the age of eighty.

Robert Wallis attended the schools of his native county, and received a part of his education at Liverpool. He worked on the farm until he was eighteen, after which he was engaged with his father, who kept a hotel and a general store. His father died when Robert was twenty-one years of age, and his mother continued the business until 1865, putting it into Robert's charge. In 1865 he bought the homestead, hotel and store, and carried on business for himself. He continued in this business at Liverpool until 1876, when he removed to Philadelphia, and leased the Allen House, No. 1220 Market street, which he managed for two years. He then returned to his old property at Liverpool, and kept the hotel there until 1889, when he sold out and removed to Harrisburg. He bought a lot on the corner of Haehnlen and Prune avenues, erected commodious buildings himself in the livery business.

There are numerous livery stables in Harrisburg, but none more worthy of popularity and patronage than that of Mr. Wallis. His establishment is equipped with all modern adjuncts and appliances for conveniences and comfort. The demands of all classes of patrons are especially provided for. Vehicles are strong, modern and stylish; careful and skillful drivers are employed; and horses, handsome, well trained and entirely safe and reliable, are furnished. He has equipages for private hire, carriages for parties and balls, buggies for pleasure driving, and well-trained and easy-going riding horses; and all or any at reasonable rates. By his excellent furnishing, his reliable business methods and his agreeable manner of treating patrons, Mr. Wallis has won the confidence of the public, and especially of the business men of the city. He enjoys a large patronage.

He was married, May 21, 1866, to Miss Margaretta, daughter of Ezra and Susanna (Alexander) McLinn, born March 26, 1845. They have had five children, four of whom are living: Jean May, Frank J., Ralph M. and Robert Earl. Edward S. died January 9, 1894, aged seven years.

Mr. Wallis has filled various offices. In Perry county, he was solicited to accept the office of sheriff, but declined, having no desire for public office and honors. He is an active member of City Lodge No. 301, I. O. O. F., to which he has belonged for thirty-five years. He was formerly a member of the Knights of Pythias, and of the Patriotic Order Sons of America. Mr. Wallis is a good, solid Democrat. The family are members of the Lutheran church.

Ezra McLinn, father of Mrs. Wallis, was born in Juniata county, Pa., February 11, 1811. He was a farmer. He was married in January, 1836, to Miss Susanna, daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca Alexander, born in the State of Delaware, May 16, 1818. They had eleven children, seven of whom are still living: Margaretta, wife of Robert Wallis; Milton E.; George G.; Annie M., wife of Uriah Shoeman; Alton B.; William B.; and Luella E., wife of C. Ed. Kennedy. Their deceased children are: Theo. T., died in 1837, aged three months; Rebecca Mary, died in July, 1840, aged three years; Louisa Ellen, died in July, 1840, aged one year; Samuel A., died in April, 1843, aged three years. Mr. McLinn filled various offices in Juniata county, such as county commissioner, assessor and school director. His political opinions are Democratic. He is a member of the United Presbyterian church. He died March 23, 1878, aged sixty-seven years. His wife is still living and resides with Mr. and Mrs. Wallis, She is seventy-eight years of age, and in comfortable health.

Thomas McLinn, the paternal grandfather of Mrs. Wallis, was born in Juniata county. He was a farmer. He married Miss Mary Gilfillan, also a native of Juniata county, daughter of James Gilfillan. They had eleven children, all deceased: Annie, wife of William Cox; Mary, wife of Thomas McLinn; Sallie, wife of Mr. Vance; Margaret, wife of Robert Jones; Hannah, wife of Robert Patton; Dorcas; Mamie Kipp, and two sisters who married a Mr. Quigly; the first, Elizabeth, who died, and then her sister Rebecca married the same man. They were members of the United Presbyterian church.

The maternal grandparents of Mrs. Wallis were natives of Delaware. Her grandfather, Benjamin Alexander, was a farmer. He served in the Revolutionary war, and participated in the battles of Brandywine and Choch Bridge. He married Miss Rebecca, daughter of William and Elizabeth Woodland, born at Elkton, Md., in 1778. They had four children: William, John, Rebecca, wife of Benjamin Alexander, and Sarah, wife of George Reynolds. Benjamin Alexander lived to the age of seventy-five years; the grandmother, who died September 15, 1853, to that of seventy-five. The mother of Mrs. Wallis has in her possession a mirror to which the grandmother fell heir, and which was bought over from Scotland. It is nearly two hundred years old.

Joseph and Robert Wallis, great-uncles of Robert Wallis, were early pioneers, and emigrated to this country at an early day. Landing at Philadelphia, they traveled northward together, seeking a place to locate. At the mouth of the Juniata river they disagreed as to the direction of their father journey, and separated. Robert continued his journey up the Juniata river, and found land to his liking at Mexico, now Juniata, Pa., where he settled, and engaged in farming and shoemaking, and where he died. Joseph pursued his way up the Susquehanna, and took up land at Northumberland, where he was a farmer, and where he died.

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